Q: What made you want to become a photographer? 

A: When I left Ireland to travel, I was quickly inspired by the world around me. It’s history, nature, and diversity. After many years of travel I finally ended up in Toronto, Canada, I was inspired by the amount of art in the city. It was here that I picked up my camera for the first time with intent.

Q: How and why are you using Lume Cubes in your work?

A: I have an affinity with astrophotography. There’s something special about the night sky. With that, I am always trying new ways of lighting subjects beneath the stars and I feel like I have hit the jackpot with Lume Cube! I use them as a part of my drone kit to illuminate old houses, rocks, etc.

Q: Who are you inspired by? 

A: Wow! So many to be honest @mindz.eye, @shainblum, @itsreuben. Seriously talented photographers who create and inspire me every day.

Q: If you weren’t a photographer? What would you be instead?

A: Hmm, good question! I have no idea lol!

Q: If you could only shoot with ONE lens-type for the rest of your life, which would it be? Fisheye, wide-angle, prime, zoom, macro, or a telephoto lens?

A: Oh, it would have to be wide-angle. It serves my purpose the most and I can always crop in.

Q: What is your go-to camera?

A: I shoot with a Nikon D810. It’s a solid piece of kit and has done me well over the years.

Q: So, you shoot a TON of abandoned buildings, when did that fascination begin? 

A: It began almost a year ago. As my love for the night sky grew I needed a new subject to focus on. Based on the area I live in, the abandoned houses grabbed my attention. They have so much character, and a story to tell.

Q: How do you keep your photos fresh and new? 

A: Simply by trying new things and not being afraid of making mistakes. It is the best way to learn after all. Try, fail and try again.

Q: What is the best part of your day? 

A: Waking up, even if I’m tired. Waking up next to the person I love is something I am truly grateful for. The rest is an added bonus.

Q: A lot of your photos have more of a dark and eerie feel, so why colorful people? 

A: You’re right, I do have a moody undertone to my photos but I see something far more colorful and brighter in people. We are quirky and strange beings. Let it shine!

Q: Describe your photography style in 5 words.

A: A representation of myself!

Q: What is one photography type/technique that you want to try next? 

A: I want to get into more studio stuff. Creative portraits, fashion and product type photos. It’s time to dive into something new and daunting. That’s why I love photography. There is always such a learning curve to take on in so many different styles. I try not to limit myself or doubt my ability to learn. Try something new, don’t be afraid. What’s the worst that can happen?

Q: You talk a lot about photography as capturing a moment in time and sharing it with the world. Do you have a favorite moment that you have captured? 

A: Actually there is. A few years ago I went on a very introspective trip for almost 3 months. At the very end of the trip that took me to the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Hong Kong, and Southwest USA, I drove from the little town of Page, Arizona to a trailhead in Utah. It was a 5-hour drive followed by a five-hour hike through the desert to a place I’ve always wanted to visit, Reflection Canyon. Not many people go there as it’s off the beaten path. I spent the night alone in the wilderness, over a hundred miles from anyone and was amazed at how silent it was. After hiking for hours with a tent, sleeping bag, food, water, and camera gear, I was exhausted. I could barely stand. It was getting dark so I set up my tent and just sat there for a bit before going to sleep. Not sleeping too well though as it was pretty cold that night I got up a little early for sunrise. As the scene became more visible with the rising sun, I was humbled by the sight before me. I engaged in a little more before taking some photos. It was definitely one of the more challenging journeys to capturing a moment, especially when I still had to hike back out five hours and drive another five hours back to my hotel. Worth every aching step. I will go back again someday and spend a little longer there for sure. 

Reflection Canyon Arial shot

Q: If you could go on an adventure-photography trip anywhere in the world with one other person… where would you go and who would you take (you don’t need to know the person… celebrities are fair game)? 

A: Oh so many people to travel with and so many places to see but the answer is a very simple one as I have no hesitation in my mind about with who and where. My partner is my rock! She brings something fresh and exciting to the table. She pushes me to improve and challenges my insecurities. We have plans of going to Mongolia in the not so distant future, but the list is a long one, so who knows! We are both explorers at heart. Just walking down the street with her is an adventure.