WWE Toy Photography

Q: What made you want to become a toy photographer? 

A: I have always loved photography as well as wrestling. It was only natural that the two would intermingle at some point in my life, so here we are with toy photography. 

Q: Specifically why did you chose to focus your work around WWE figures? 

A: As a boy growing up I used to watch WWE and like any child, I wanted to play with the figures. Unfortunately, we did not have a lot so I would improvise with other objects. Now that I am older I get to use that same boyish imagination but with the actual WWE figures. 

Q: How and why are you using Lume Cubes in your work?

A: As a photographer, lighting is one of, if not the most important factor in a shoot. If the light isn't right no matter how clear or well-positioned a figure is the shot won't be appealing, and Lume Cube is leading the way in lighting. For instance, take the Lume Cube 1.0, that little light can light up my entire work area if needed or it can be dimmed to give me the mood lighting I am looking for. It is quite versatile. Every Lume Cube product I have is just as functional.

Q: Who are you inspired by? 

A: My inspiration comes from many areas of life. But if I have to narrow it down to one, it would be my nephew. He has brought a lot of inspiration to my shots. He reminds me of what it is like to be 10 years old.  

Toy Photography with effects

Q: If you could meet a WWE member who’s action figure you have photographed, who would it be?

A: I have been fortunate enough to meet one of my favored WWE Super Stars, AJ Styles because of my toy photography. I do wish I could be more involved with stuff like that in the future. It was an experience I will surely never forget. 

Q: If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be instead?

A: I've always been a creative soul. Whether it be in the music I have produced, drawings/paintings, clay work I am sure I would still be doing something that would allow me to use my creativity.

Q: What is your go-to camera?

A: Canon, I am a canon guy. Currently, I am working with a 60D. It is an older model but it works like its brand new. Not saying I will work off this camera forever because I am currently looking at upgrading to a Canon ESO 5D Mark IV. We are saving up for that.

Q: Any advice for new toy photographers?

A: Get to know your figures, stretch them out all the way, play with them, pose them, take a lot of shots to find your angles, find their balance and of course have fun. If you don't like what you are doing what is the point?

Q: How do you keep your photos fresh and new? 

A: Wrestling is always changing its storyline so it's pretty simple to come up with new shots.

Q: What is the best part of your day? 

A: Each day brings something different but usually it is when I'm creating content, typically in the middle of the night, then I look over at my cat and she's just being silly. 

Q: Coffee or tea? 

A: Tea for sure. My wife and I actually go to this nice tea store in town and try different flavors frequently.

Triple H Toy Photography with Jay Logan

Q: What’s your favorite photo you’ve taken and why? 

A: My all-time favorite photo is one that I took of one of my girls at Disneyland. It was our first time ever going 2011 I believe and she was sitting on a bench just waiting for me. She saw I had my camera out and she shifted her shoulder up in a sassy way I had to take a photo of it.  It portrays her sassy self in a perfect way and will always be in my memory even if I never have a copy of that photo ever again.

Q: Would you ever try a different style of photography? Why? 

A: Absolutely, we should always grow and change right? If I stay in the same style I would never grow and my ideas might become stale.

Q: Describe your photography style in 5 words.

A: Action, movement, depth, perception and evolving.

Q: If you could go to lunch with anyone (dead or alive) and pick their brain, who would it be?

A: I would have to say Tupac. He was able to reach such a vast audience and bring about specific emotions/feelings through his artform. I aspire to achieve this in my everyday life and I would like to attribute that to him.