Q: When did you start being interested in drones?

A: 2012

Q: Your YouTube channel is a go-to source for drone knowledge, what advice do you have for people wanting to grow their channels?

A: Consistency and Sincerity.

Q: How and why are you using Lume Cubes in your work?

A: I use Lume Cube products mostly in the field. Wherever I need a splash of light.

Q: Who are you inspired by? 

A: Light painter photography artists like Dennis Calvert. I’d like to try that one day.

Q: If you could have one person (living or deceased) on the TNL podcast, who would it be? 

A: My grandfather. I think he would really love all of this incredible technology.

Q: How do you keep up with the drone community? 

A: TNL is a great hub for my fellow enthusiasts. I also collaborate with other drone-based YouTube channels.

Q: What is your preferred editing software?

A: Adobe Premiere pro

Q: What is the best part of your day? 

A: The moment right after I post a video that took many, many hours to create.

Q: Coffee or tea? 

A: Water

Q: Where is the next place that you want to shoot with Lume Cubes at and how would you use the Cubes? 

A: I would love to film inside a public cave. I would also enjoy visiting the Lume Cube Headquarters. I think creating a video-tour would be fun for all involved!

Q: What is one photography type/technique that you want to try next? 

A: I would like to get X-ray video of a spinning drone!

Q: Do you have a favorite drone? Or one that you use the most? 

A: The DJI Phantom 4 Pro 2.0 is the best prosumer drone available right now. It’s my favorite. I have an extra just in case anything would ever happen to mine!

Q: What is your top piece of advice for new drone users? 

A: Practice as much as you can. When editing, include non-drone footage.

And… Don’t Over-Orbit! Nobody wants to see 10 minutes of you flying around your local water tower.