Cosplay PhotographySayakat Cosplay Photography

Q: What made you you decide to start streaming?  

A: I decided to start streaming to share my work as I was making it with a wider audience. 

Q: How and why are you using Lume Cubes for your streaming? 

A: I use my Lume Cube Panel as a light source during streams. It’s really great lighting for creating and crafting. 

Q: Your cosplays look super intricate, are there any costumes that you will never put on again? 

A: There are a number of my costumes that are retired due to wear and tear. There are a few that don’t get worn very often due to how intricate they are and how difficult they are to wear, but they are still wearable.

Q: Who are you inspired by? 

A: I’m a huge fan of Blizzard and love a lot of their armor designs, and I really like a lot of anime animation styles. 

Q: What is your go-to camera?

A: I use Logitech c920 cameras

Q: Any advice for new streamers? 

A: Stream what makes you happy. In the end, you are putting in the work and if you don’t find you enjoy it, streaming will become a burden instead of a joy. 

Saykat Cosplay from TwitchSayakat Cosplay Costume from Twitch

Q: What is the best part of your day? 

A: Finishing a piece of a project, it’s great when there’s something tangible that you’ve made that shows your progress

Q: You attend a ton of events and are sometimes recognized. When was the first time you were recognized while in cosplay? What was that like? 

A: I don’t remember the exact event I was first recognized, but it was probably late 2016/2017 and I started to have people come up to me and recognize me for certain cosplays that I had done. It was and still is surreal to have fans and people who follow my work. 

Q: Coffee or tea? 

A: Decaf both of those things. 

Q: What’s your favorite cosplay that you have ever done?

A: I don’t really have a favorite, but I’m most proud of Magdha because that’s a costume I really pushed myself on. I had to learn a lot for that cosplay, and it is the most time-intensive project I have ever made. 

Magdha Cosplay

Q: What is your favorite thing about cosplay and streaming?

A: People get to see the whole process, what goes wrong, the number of hours things actually take to make

Q: What is your least favorite thing about cosplay and streaming?

A: People watching me fail in real-time, but that’s part of the whole cosplay process, so it’s inevitable. 

Q: What is the next person you plan cosplaying?

A: Not a person, but a suit of armor (mech). 

Q: If you could get lunch with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?

A: Carl Sagan. 

Q: So, it looks like you make your own costumes, which is AWESOME by the way, how did you get started doing that? 

A: I’ve made my own costumes as far back as I can remember. I started making my own Halloween costumes when I was a kid/teen, and my mom taught me how to sew. It sort of grew and mutated out of that and I’ve never stopped.