Q: You mention that you used to be huge in watersports, what made you make the switch to photographer?

A: I’ve always been into taking photos and videos growing up as a kid.  But when I was living and working in FL at an Orlando Watersports Complex I got injured on the job. This kept me off the water for 9mo. Since I wasn’t riding wakeskating I grabbed a camera and started shooting again. 

Q: Why do you enjoy using Lume Cubes? Do you have a favorite piece of gear?

A: I love using my Lume Cubes for so much. To aide with photography or to use as a light tool.  I really love using them when I’m riding my Onewheel at night. It’s like having your own little LED light bar. My favorite piece of gear would have to be my backpack. I love backpacks. Especially my Tenba Axis 32L pack

Q: Who are you inspired by?

A: Right now Andrew McCarthy aka Cosmic_background has been blowing my mind with his deep space photography. Something I hope to get into more.

Q: If you weren’t a photographer? What would you be instead?

A: Well, I left Real Estate after 20+ years in the business to become a full-time photographer. I’ve finally reached my dream job. But, if I couldn’t be a photographer, I guess I’d be… shoot. I don’t know what I’d rather be. Dead?  Lol. Jk. 

Q: If you could only shoot with ONE lens-type for the rest of your life, which would it be? Fisheye, wide-angle, prime, zoom, macro, or a telephoto lens?

A: Wide-angle so I could shoot Astro Milky Way photos. Astrophotography is my absolute favorite subject. 


Q: What is your go-to camera?

A: Sony A7RIII

Q: Any advice for new photographers?

A: If you want to get paid for shooting photos start out helping someone you know that owns a business. Do it for free at first to prove your skill. Also, shoot every day. You only get better with practice.

Q: Your philosophy behind photography is allowing other people to feel the way that you do while you are outdoors, has there ever been a moment that you don’t capture that feeling? What do you do?

A: I have my days that I just can’t get the motivation to create art.  When that happens I try to take a step back. Set my camera down and enjoy the moment. That always helps me see the world differently and then I pick my camera back up. 

Q: How do you keep your photos fresh and new?

A: I try to come up with new ideas from old ideas. Lately, it’s just been hard to find the time to get out when I want to. 3 kids and a wife keep me busy.

Q: What is the best part of your day?

A: Waking up at 5 am to go to the gym to work out with my buddies. It just starts my day off right and keeps me thinking healthy for the rest of the day.

Q: What’s your favorite photo you’ve taken and why?

A: Oh boy. Favorite photo? I know, it’s a photo of my kids at the beach. I got their reflection in the sand, beautiful sunny day. They were jumping around just having so much fun. The photo just says “having a blast” when I see it. Hopefully, it will be a day they remember when they are older.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Photography?

A: Anyone can do it and you can still create something no one has ever done before. And I don’t mean with photoshop.

Q: What is your least favorite thing about Photography?

A: How much my backpack weighs with all my lens and gear. Haha. I have a backpack with me every day. I feel like a turtle sometimes.  My friends call me “Backpack Zak”. Haha

Q: Where is the next place that you want to shoot with Lume Cubes at and how would you use the Cubes?

A: I'm trying to go snow camping. I’d love to be in a snow-covered forest with my drone and Lume Cubes.

Q: Describe your photography style in 5 words.

A: Adventure, Unique, Oregon, Outdoors and Art

Q: If you could go on an adventure-photography trip anywhere in the world with one other person… where would you go and who would you take (you don’t need to know the person… celebrities are fair game)?

A: Iceland and I’d like to go with Chris Burkard. He’s been there so many times. I really want to see the black sand beach with clear ice.