How to Get the Most Out of the Mobile Creator Kit Collection

How to Get the Most Out of the Mobile Creator Kit Collection

From the beginning, Lume Cube has kept portability and versatility at the forefront of product design. The Mobile Creator Kit encompasses these core traits and more. Get ready to elevate your video content and go anywhere your creativity takes you.

Want to level up your vlogging game? This is the kit for you. We compiled a list of ways to get the most out of your Mobile Creator Kit. Check them out below!

girl using mobile creator kit

1. For extra soft and flattering light, apply the add on diffuser to your Panel Mini.

girl smiling using mobile creator kit

2. Fine tune the color temperature settings to get the correct skin tones and to match any surrounding lights.

3. Use the swivel head on the phone mount to make sure your footage is level. Nothing screams amateur more than crooked footage.

4. Due to its versatile mounting system, you can use it handheld or handsfree (aka this is the ultimate tool to make TikToks).

girl dancing with mobile creator kit placed on table

5. Take advantage of the phone clip that allows you to film horizontally and vertically.

girl adjusting phone on mobile creator kit

6. If you want to remove all shadows from your face, go with the two light setup. A Panel Mini on each side of your phone will evenly light your face and knock out any shadows.

mobile creator kit

7. It’s always good to know how much battery you have left! As you are creating content, keep an eye on the back screen of the Panel Mini, it will show you the expected run time down to the last minute.

8. Mess around with different mounting options:

  • One light
  • One light, one microphone
  • Two lights
  • No lights or microphone
mobile creator kit with one light mobile creator kit with one light and microphone mobile creator kit with two lights mobile creator kit with no lights or microphone

We have three kits available in this collection depending on your creating needs. The Mobile Creator Stand, Mobile Creator Lighting Kit, and Mobile Creator Lighting and Audio Kit. Learn more here.

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