Isolation Approved Photo Ideas

Isolation Approved Photo Ideas

Just because we are all stuck inside, doesn’t mean the creative juices stop flowing. Whether you live in an apartment, a house, a van.. There are plenty of ways to capture this quarantine experience and make something rad out of it.

Many of you reading this are probably feeling a little cooped up. We are a couple weeks into quarantine and you’ve indulged yourself in non-stop Netflix streaming, Zoom virtual happy hours, sleeping in, refreshing the news and all social media platforms. We are all hitting that point of needing to get a little more creative with all this free time.

We all need some new ways to express ourselves and we feel that photography and videography is a perfect way to do so. Don’t have a DSLR camera? No problem. Pick up your phone and start snapping! Don’t have that super expensive program to edit photos? Don’t sweat it. There are plenty of free editing apps available to make your photos #instaworthy.

We have curated an ultimate, isolation approved photo idea list to try out during quarantine. Below we have listed out some ideas along with some photo examples to help inspire other creators out there. If you try these shots at home, be sure to tag us at @lumecube. And if you use a Lume Cube product to light the scene use the hashtag #LitByLume! We love to see what others create, especially during this time.

1. Portrait Photography

Whether it's a selfie or a family portrait, quarantine is a perfect time to capture some portraits of you, your significant other, your children, your siblings, or whoever!

2. Food Photography

It seems like a lot of us these days are whippin' out the cook books, looking at cooking videos, and tying on those aprons to fill up the free time. Try taking some rad photos of the food you created or snap some fun ones of the take out you ordered. #foodie

And if you haven't hopped on the at-home cooking train quite yet, head over to @bonappetitmag for some inspiration.

3. Landscape + City Scapes

Whether you have a view of trees, buildings, a fence, or some bushes, there's always an opportunity to capture something cool looking outside your window.

4. Fashion Look Book

Quarantine fashion show? Why the heck not. Create a look book of your favorite outfits from staying at home. Maybe even throw on that dress or that shirt you haven't found the occasion for. This is a great way to make closet spring cleaning worth while.

5. Backyard Shots

Backyard or no backyard, find a unique angle around your home property (while practicing social distancing) and start shooting.

6. Drone Photography (Staying at Home Style)

Fly a drone from home (with safety and regulations in mind).

7. Macro Photography

If you have the right lens for the job, try out some macro photography on items you never though would look interesting close up. Try a toothbrush, a pencil, or maybe someone's eye.

8. Pet Portraits

For all the pet owners out there, here is a great chance to get some awesome photos of your pets!

9. Fridge Foraging and other Unique Angles

Don't underestimate what you can do with photography and your appliances. Ever thought about the perspective of what it looks like when you grab something from the fridge or what it look like on the inside of your washer? Be careful, but start shootin'!

This photo trick tip was inspired by GoPro's #HomePro campaign. Check out some of these awesome photos that some creators across the globe shot by clicking here.

10. Capture Your Morning Routine

Are you a "lay in bed until 10 AM person"? Do you drink coffee or tea? Do you like to take morning strolls? Maybe do a workout to start the day? Try capturing your favorite morning routine!

All photos taken by Trevor Farrow (@trevor_farrow).

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