Lume Cube's Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

Lume Cube's Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

Whether you are buying for a friend, family friend, partner, or co-worker, we have created a gift guide for you to help you buy the best Lume Cube gear for those around you!

the lume cube panel pro christmas gift

Brighten up this holiday season with new Lume Cube gear. Check out this personalized guide to help you pick out the right light for those around you.

girl smiling at her laptop using the video conferencing kit

The (Remote) Hard Worker

The Video Conferencing Kit

Everything you need to look your best on your next video call. The Panel Mini brightens up your workspace with powerful, adjustable LED light. Includes softening diffuser, easy-to-control color temperature and run time, and adaptor cables to ensure you never get left in the dark.

gamer streaming while sitting at his desk using the broadcast lighting kit

The Gamer

The Broadcast Lighting Kit

Everything you need to look your best when the camera turns on. Our Broadcast Kit ensures professional-quality lighting as you stream, conference, or create.

girl smiling using the mobile creator kit

The Vlogger

The Mobile Creator Kit

Whether you're vlogging or capturing casual video, this custom kit will give you everything you need to capture premium video on your smartphone. The Lume Cube Panel Mini captures the power of adjustable bicolor LED light in a portable, credit-card-sized package, and the adjustable smartphone clip fits every phone on the market.

man taking photo with panel pro attached on top of his camera

The Photographer

The Panel Pro

When you need the full spectrum of possibility, the Panel PRO is your go-to creative ally. Smart, Slim, and portable with 360 RGB colors, 1-100% brightness adjustability, and easy-to-use Bluetooth control, it's as thin as your smartphone and powerful enough to light up whatever you dream up in brilliant, reliable color.

man taking photo with the lume cube 2.0 attached to top of his camera

The Action Junkie

The Lume Cube 2.0

The lighting tool for creators designed to go anywhere and tackle any challenge. Meticulously crafted to meet our standards for small size and powerful impact, the lightweight and travel-ready Lume Cube 2.0 is also incredibly durable and waterproof up to 30 feet.

drone using lume cube strobe light

The Drone Pilot

The Strobe

This is a consumer-friendly anti-collision drone light, designed to play well with every drone on the market. We’ve kept the Strobe as lightweight and powerful as possible to satisfy all FAA guidelines for anti-collision lighting AND keep your drone buzzing well past sunset.

christmas themed photo of panel pro and lume cube 2.0

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