Drone lighting has absolutely TAKEN OFF in the past few years. As LED technology advances, we’re finding new ways to get high powered lighting into the sky to create some never-before-seen content.

Of course, leave it up to the Lume Cube community to continually raise the bar on what is possible with lighting in the sky. Whether Lume Cubes were used to light a subject from above, light paint the sky, or to simply illuminate the drone’s footage, we have been blown away by what you’ve been able to create. As we race forward with new drones, lights, and technologies, lets to take a step back and acknowledge those drone lighting pioneers who have caught our attention since day 1. Here are Lume Cube’s top 5 Drone Lighting Photographers:



Reuben has become known for light painting the night’s sky for quite some time now. As seen in Time Magazine, WIRED, EnGadget, FStoppers, and more, his work has revolutionized the drone lighting game and he continues to push the limits of what’s possible with lights in the sky. It’s no surprise that when we got Lume Cubes in his hands, he blew us away…


Jason has been leading the charge on the Lume Cube drone lighting game since day 1. Living in Central California, there is no shortage of beautiful landscapes to be lit from above. He refers to a Lume Cube drone kit as the 400-foot light stand and through him imagery you can see why. You can read more about him on our blog here



Florian was the first to open our eyes to the true potential and beauty of aerial drone lighting, or simply lighting a subject from above (without the drone in sight). Florian and his Phantom 4 Lighting Kit have traveled all over the world and have created some of our favorite drone-lit shots to date, including a drone-lit castle that made the pages of National Geographic Magazine. From the deserted streets of Chernobyl, to the snow covered terrains of Iceland, to the tree tops of Switzerland, Florian and his Cubes have lit it all. You can read more about Florian on the Lume Cube blog here.



Welcome to the world of Dr. Brown, where pure photographic talent, drone expertise, and editing skills collide. Russell is the Senior Designer at Adobe Systems and overflows with creativity. He often uses Lume Cubes off-camera, but when the Lume Cubes mount to his drone you know you’re in for a treat. Read more about Russell on the Lume Cube Blog here.



Daniel is the new kid on the block, but has the drone lighting skills of a seasoned vet. We found Daniel duct tapping headlamps to his drone to create Drone Light Paintings… and they were better than most we’ve ever seen! We only imagined what he could do with Lume Cubes on his drone, and in the past month he has exceeded our expectations tenfold.


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