What is the Lume Cube Panel? 

The Lume Cube PANEL is our first ever Bi-Color light here at Lume Cube. It is the THINNEST professional video light on the market with an intelligent LCD control panel allowing the user to control brightness, color temperature, run time, and more.  


Who was the Panel made for and Why?

The PANEL was designed with the filmmaker and traveling content creator (both photo & video) in mind. All products here at Lume Cube are designed to be portable and professional solutions, but we felt we were under-serving the Video community by not offering a bi-color light with adjustable color temperature. The PANEL is thinner than an iPhone allowing it to be easy to travel with, fit in your pocket or camera bag without hassle, and still provide a professional output of 96+ CRI. 


All of your other lights are the smallest on the market. Why go big on the Panel? 

While this isn’t the smallest light on the market, it is the THINNEST. We are lighting experts here at Lume Cube, and know that sometimes (particularly in Filmmaking/Video) a small source of light isn’t ideal. We wanted to ensure we could offer our customers a variety of options, all while keeping portability front of mind. We enlarged the LED source to ensure the light output was softer while still maintaining an incredible amount of light output (which is great for when people are on camera such as interviews, vlogging, etc, it’s easier on the eyes) and the larger thin form factor allowed us to use a new type of battery that actually is great for heat dissipation. This allows us to achieve extremely long run times (MUCH longer than the original Lume Cube) which is essential for the Filmmaker community. 


What is the run time on the Panel?

7.5 hours on low brightness, 3 hours at 50%, 1.5 hours on full brightness.

What is the most underrated feature of the Panel? 

I’m going to split my answer here and say 2 things. First, the LCD Panel on the back is INSANELY COOL. We’ve seen adjustable LCD screens on many devices, but ours intelligently tells the user exactly how much time will be left. For example, if you have 1.5 hrs of shooting left on your job and the PANEL currently tells you that you’ve only got 60 minutes of battery left, simply kick down your brightness a few notches until your Estimated Run Time tells you 1.5 hrs and BOOM, you no longer worry about losing light. It’s incredibly accurate too, nearly down to the minute!

The second answer is a no brainer, it’s a POWER BANK! The Lume Cube PANEL can fully charge your phone or your camera. CRAZY RIGHT?! How many times have you been out on a shoot and stressed while watching your iPhone or camera slowly tick down to 0%? Just keeping the PANEL in your bag will save the day, even if you don’t need light! It’ll power you back up and keep all of your devices running smooth to make sure you get every amount of content you can.

There are a fair amount of accessories included in the box with the Panel. What are they and do you have a favorite accessory that comes with the Panel? 

We packed a bunch in a small box to deliver maximum value. Not only do you get the world’s best LED Light Panel, but you’ll get a sleek white diffuser to soften the light, a nearly weightless DSLR Shoe Mount for on-camera mounting, a Micro USB Cable, and a USB Adapter to turn the PANEL into a power bank. This is all included in a very soft and sleek Velvet Bag.

For my favorite, I’d have to say (again breaking the rules) I have two favorites. I love the slide on diffuser and how sleek it is (it’s like it’s not even there and does the job well), but I also love the little velvet bag. If I’m honest, I love how soft it is to keep it safe from scratching any of your camera gear, and also is the perfect size to fit everything so nothing gets lost! It’s the first time we’ve included this in a box and it’s just awesome.


How do you adjust the color temp and brightness?

 The LCD screen on the back is going to be the content creators best friend. With an easy +/- button control on the side, you’ll immediately and quickly be able to adjust the most important functions in lighting (Brightness and Color Temp).



Will the ability to quickly adjust these settings help my content and workflow?

YES, YES, & ANOTHER YES!! This will literally enhance any content creators workflow while on the job. Particularly in Video work, you never know what the lighting will be when going into a new environment (event work, interviews, corporate gigs, weddings, etc). Having the ability to match your color temp within seconds as well as adjust brightness from being a primary light source blasting 100% output to being the perfect fill light at just 5% is essential. We believe this product will quickly become the content creators go-to light in all environments because of those features. 

What makes it different from other LED products on the market? 

This is a great question and one we expect to get a lot. First off, Lume Cube only puts out the top quality on the market, so we’ve reached for the stars in every spec with the PANEL (from Run Time and CRI all the way down to the sleek black design that matches your iPhone or Camera gear). As mentioned earlier, this is the THINNEST LED Light on the market. In today’s day and age, content creators are traveling all over the world achieving some of the most insane footage we’ve ever seen, so size and weight matters! Additionally, the inclusion of the Power Bank capability sets it aside from pretty much every competitor on the market.  We urge potential customers to be hesitant towards any knock-offs or cheap Chinese competitors on the market. Lights can be very complex tools and not only are ours top quality in all aspects, but Lume Cube is a supportive and reachable San Diego based company. When anything happens, the Chinese suppliers on Amazon are NOT there to support you. We have a 1-YEAR Warranty on all products and will pick up the phone anytime you call to help. That’s what sets our company apart.

Tell me about the LCD Screen on the back of the Panel... 

The LCD screen is just the best. If you’ve made it this far reading, then you know how excited I am about it from some of my answers so far. The quick adjustability makes it great, but overall the real value comes in the ERT (Estimated Run Time) telling you exactly how long you have left at each brightness level.

How do you charge the Panel and how long does it take to recharge?


 Knowing that our customers are very into new-age technology, we’ve incorporated both Micro USB and USB-C for our customers so they have the option. 


Can you use it while it is charging? 

YES, you can 100% use it while charging (both use the light while it is charging, or use the light while it’s acting as a Power Bank and charging your camera or phone!

How durable is the Panel, is it waterproof?

It’s quite durable, but in order to keep the slim design, it’s not nearly as indestructible as the Lume Cube. We recommend keeping this product safe and away from water as it’s not waterproof either.

Why would I use the panel and not the Lume Cube or the Lume Cube AIR? 

The PANEL is great for those seeking a bi-color light that’s easy to fit in your bag. The color adjustability is the primary difference from the Lume Cube (no gels needed, etc). It’s also great for the Vlogger or Filmmaker as the LED Panel has a larger landscape of LED’s so makes for a softer and easier-on-the-eyes light when in front of the camera. If you’re focusing on creating video content, this would be my absolute recommendation between the 3 products. 

What are the best applications for the Panel?

1. On-Camera Lighting for all types of video
2. Fill/Accent Lighting in any scene (on a lightstand, tripod, or just handheld it can be a great fill light while offering adjustable brightness and color temperature)

Describe the Panel in 3 words.



ULTIMATE CREATIVE TOOL (I say this because as most creatives know, having a good camera and good audio is essential, but lighting is what makes all the difference in good content and cinematic techniques. The features included in this product are second to none and truly makes it the ultimate creative tool).
And keeping in my theme of breaking the rules of these questions, I have to add another answer. THE IPHONE OF LIGHT!!! I’ve been in the lighting industry for some time now and I might be biased, but this is the most badass product I’ve seen from a design perspective and am so proud of our team for bringing this to market in 2019.

Is there anyone who has tested the panel first hand besides the creators at Lume Cube?

Dunna Did It: 







Ken Heron: 






 THANK YOU for reading. You can find more information on the new

Lume Cube Panel HERE.