Work From Anywhere

Work From Anywhere

As we emerge from our pandemic lockdowns, it's safe to say the definition of “office” will never be the same.

As we emerge from our pandemic lockdowns, it's safe to say the definition of “office” will never be the same.

2020 demonstrated the benefits of remote working to thousands of employers around the globe. Lume Cube was with you every step of the way as we learned how to conference and collaborate from afar, and those new skills we picked up might be here to stay. Forbes Magazine reports “surveys done since the start of the pandemic show that 75% of remote workers want their employer to provide flexibility of work location after the pandemic ends… by 2025, an estimated 70% of the workforce will be working remotely at least 5 days a month.”

As the world reopens, thousands and thousands of workers will have the opportunity to become digital nomadswith the ability to make a living from their laptops, anywhere in the world.

The possibilities are almost unlimited.

In a remote work future, your “office” might be a coffee shop on a beachy corner in Southern California, or a mountaintop bar in Colorado. Maybe you’ll spend a year traveling through Europe or Asia, relying on hotel and café wifi to keep you connected while you and your family experience the world. The wide open possibilities are incredibly exciting, but figuring out how to get from work-from-home to work-from-anywhere might feel a little overwhelming.

Lume Cube was there for you throughout the pandemic. And we’re here for you as you take these next steps into the future of work.

Here’s our best advice to start making your digital nomad dreams a reality:

Dream up your best wander plan.

After over a year of limitations, it’s time to get ready to get your go back. But just because you’re free to work from anywhere in the world, you don’t need to become a backpacking globetrotter to enjoy the perks of remote working. Your wander plan can be nearly anything that keeps you connected to a strong wifi signal and suits your adventure needs.

Some possibilities:

Micro-Nomad: Explore your best work options within an easy commute from your home. Check out the best local sites – coffee shops, cafes, the library, rooftop gardens – until you find a vibe that feels like yours. As you discover your favorite spots, you can craft a rotation that fits your schedule. Commuting to “work” can help you stay motivated and on task, and changing up the view will keep you inspired.

Micro-Nomading is a great option for folks with families and kids in local schools. Our Video Conference Lighting Kit fits in your laptop bag, and makes it easy to look your best for a remote presentation or Zoom meeting no matter where you are.

Mainland Nomad: Trade in your sedan for an RV or trailer and take your work on the road! Tons of digital nomads skip the hassle of international travel and opt instead to explore their home country. If you’re not ready to give up your permanent residence, consider renting it out short term while you experiment with just a month or two on the road.

Global Nomad: More and more countries around the world are creating travel visas that accommodate remote workers legally. If you have the ability and the desire to get out there and see everything, this may be the perfect time to start!

Crunch the numbers and get the right gig.

Many employers are offering workers the work-from-anywhere options they’re asking for, but if you need additional cash to fund your travels, you can explore other ways to make money on the move! Some tried-and-true options include starting a blog, working as a social media content creator, freelance writing, photography, or graphic design.

Sites like We Work Remotely and feature massive databases of work from anywhere options.

With so many jobs to choose from, it’s just a matter of knowing what skills you have to offer and how to showcase them well.

Save, secure, and insure.

If you do decide to pack up and travel while you work, here are some logistics to consider before you hit the road:

Save:You’ll want to make sure you have enough money in the bank to keep  you covered in case of emergency. Make sure you have sufficient funds to buy a last-minute plane ticket home, cover lodging or equipment replacement, and keep yourself afloat if you need to go a month or two without income. Keep your emergency funds in an account you won’t be tempted to pull from for everyday needs, and consider opening a borderless account to make international transactions simpler. A designated travel credit card is an excellent tool – look for one with no international fees that’s accepted just about everywhere.

Secure: To avoid running into any difficulty with internet access or censorship (a massive issue when your office IS the internet), you’ll want to make sure you have a good VPN (that’s virtual private network) before you head out. This article from TechRadar lists some popular service providers to get you started.

Insure: Your home-based health insurance may not have you covered when you leave the country. If they don’t, check out nomad travel insurance – health insurance companies that specifically cater to travelers and make sure they have catastrophic care no matter where they are in the world. The good news is nomad insurance rates tend to be lower than traditional rates – check with your employer about offering a travel option for you, or invest in extra coverage for yourself!

Present Professionally

With less time in the office to get to know your coworkers and demonstrate what a reliable, professional asset to the company you are, you’ll need to rethink ways to make an impression while on video calls. The simplest way to achieve stand-out professionalism is to make sure your remote conferencing set up is a step above the competition. 

Every time you call in for a meeting, make sure you have:

Great lighting - If you are not physically at the office, you need to show that

wherever you are, you are present and ready to work hard. A clear picture and a well-lit face make a world of difference in the way you’re perceived. That’s why Lume Cube’s portable, video conference lighting solutions are a must-have for work life on the road.

Clear sound - Find a place with low level of background noise. When it is your turn to speak on a call, you want to make sure you are not the cause of distraction. Be aware of your surroundings and put thought into where you set up for the day.

With the right tools, the right gear, and your imagination, the future of work is unlimited. Keep in touch with us as you get ready to explore, and bring us with you as you travel. Share your photos, your remote work setups, and your advice for working from anywhere!

We promise to continue providing the tools and tips you need to succeed, and to keep looking for new solutions that make life outside the office box even more practical, portable, and impeccably lit.

It’s a wild and beautiful world – have fun out there!

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