Modification Master Pack


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The Modification Master Pack

Giving you the creative freedom to gel, diffuse, and modify your Lume Cube, the Modification Master Pack represents the full spectrum of creative lighting options. Magnetically mount each accessory to the Modification frame to achieve a new lighting effect. Best part it, they are all STACKABLE! Combine multiple accessories for unique lighting effects.

*This product is made for the Lume Cube (NOT the Lume Cube AIR)


Modification Frame Specs

  • Plastic Molded Body with an internal metal frame for magnetic mounting
  • Form fitting design to securely mount on the front of your Lume Cube
  • All accessories made with built-in magnetic rods for seamless mounting to the Modi Frame


One (1) Modification Frame

One (1) Snoot

One (1) Barn Door

One (1) Diffusion Bulb Pack (4 Pack)

One (1) CTO Warming Gel Pack (4 Pack)

One (1) Honey Comb Grid (2 Pack)

One (1) Color Gel Pack (4 Pack - Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)

 * Gels, Diffusers and Modifiers are magnetic and stackable. Stack multiple accessories on your Modi Frame/Light House for creative effect. (ex. CTO warming gel underneath a Snoot)

*Lume Cube not included

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