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Giving you the capability of full creative control, the Lume Cube fits smoothly into the Light-House and opens up a full range of light modifying and diffusion opportunities. Using strong magnets on the front of the housing and the edges of each filter, the Light-House allows you to place one or more gels/diffusers over the light source to modify your lighting as needed. With the magnetic solution, it offers an unlimited amount of stacking capability to ensure you're not limited and can create any level of lighting you desire. We've even added a sleek front lip specifically to ensure that the gels & diffusers can not be knocked off during use. If you have or are thinking about owning a Lume Cube, the Light-House is the ultimate accessory to ensure you're able to get that perfect shot.

*Lume Cube not included


  • Ultimate Diffusion/Gel Pack for your Lume Cube
  • Endless Creative Options with diffusers, gels, bulbs, and grids to manipule your lighting to achieve the desired effect
  • Magnetic and Stackable. All Light-House accessories are based off the magnetic mounting system and can be stacked together to achieve a custom lighting effect
  • Strong and Durable form-fitting aluminum cage on the Light-House to shield your Lume Cube and provide magnetic mounting options
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • (1) Light-House Diffusion Cage + 3 Diffusers
  • (1) CTO Warming Gel (4 Pack) 
  • (1) Honey Comb Grid (2 Pack)
  • (1) Color Gel Pack (4 Pack)
  • (1) Diffusion Bulb Pack (4 Pack)

This kit includes a form-fitting Aluminum housing and filters allowing you to use one filter or stack multiple.

*Lume Cube not included

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely in love with this

I'll get my one complaint out of the way first - it is frustrating that you need to have the housing to use any of the filters, as I liked it so much, I bought a second cube but stores dont seem to carry the housing.

That being said, the ability to stack filters to create lighting effects is not only fun but really easy to do. The variety afforded is generous and you can create some very interesting combinations. After lighting with diffusers, I now find them a necessity when using my cubes as the lighting can get very harsh. Combing the filters and diffusers, you can create outdoor lighting from any time of day indoors. Will be buying a second one soon!

Did not disappoint

I am really enjoying the lume cube and the lighthouse master pack bundle. It's a wide assortment of options that really open up your creative oppurtunities. The app also works really well with a single cube. I wish I had picked up more cubes!! The price point is quite high compared to the competition when it comes to compact portable lighting options. Environmentally it is not ideal considering the battery is not replaceable and I'm not sure how many rechargeable cycles you will get out if it. Packaging is also excessive and not eco friendly. I'd like to see them at least offer battery replacement for their units and recyclable packaging in the future. Until then it's 4 stars from me.

Light House Master Pack bundle.

This bundle is great to help get the shots I want. They are so easy to use, the filters are magnetic so they just snap on and your good to go.

Light-House Master Pack Bundle

Excellent value for money, Lume cube is so much fun to use


Great kit, great to work with.