Photo / Video Lighting Bundle (with Diffusion!)



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The ultimate combination of lighting and Photo/Video mounting capabilities. The DSLR Camera Mount provides a 360º adjustable ball head for directing your light, and includes the triple threat of mounting capabilities as well as a Light-House modification system.





- Shoe Adapter for DSLR on-camera lighting

- Light Stand Adapter for directional lighting on any light stand

- 1/4" 20 tripod mount for directional lighting on any tripod 



The Lume Cube Light-House gives you the housing and magnetic mounting system for all of our diffusers and gels. We include 3 levels of LEE Filter diffusion in this kit (light, medium, and strong)


  • Lume Cube 1500 Lumen LED Light
  • DSLR Camera Mount with Light-Stand and 1/4" 20 Adapter
  • Light-House with 3 LEE Filter Softening Diffusers
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bright and portable

The cube is awesome. I purchased the bundle with the cold shoe and 3 diffusers. Its a bit heavier then I expected, but its due to the tough build which is great. The cold shoe adapter can be used to prop up the cube somewhere other then your camera. Bright like a police flashlight, but the diffusers help to protect your subject's eyes.

Nice tool

I bought the Lume Cube for video work but quickly realized I could use it for stills too. I didn’t know it would fire as a flash! Pretty cool. You just have to make sure the LC can sense/see the burst from your flash.

I look forward to using this light for accents in bigger video set ups and give me a little something when I have to work quickly.

I’ve been waiting patiently for the new version/product to come out. I’m hoping the CRI is a little better. (If you’re picky about that, I sense the CRI isn’t great here). I’ll be putting a little correction on the light.

Fun to work with and versatile.

Great Light!

Small, compact, bright light source for the size, Can control with iPhone, And its waterproof up to 100 ft. Far greater than this photographer will go!

Just enough light

I purchased this to add a little light during a wedding receptions so my camera would focus in the dark. (The little lights the DJ's use aren't enough when that is the only light in the room) I put it on flash stand as high as it would go, aimed straight out, (not angled towards the subject) The fall off was enough to give my camera a way to see yet not mess much with the ambient light. It's very bright. It also saved the videographer who's batteries died. They ended up borrowing it and using it during the cake cutting. It lasted about 3 hours on full power.