Lighting Mounts for DJI Phantom 3 Pro & Advanced Drone


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Attach Lighting to your DJI Phantom 3 Drone for either creative or commercial purposes. Lume Cube Drone Lights allow you to illuminate your subject from above with constant light functionality, illuminate the footage of your DJI Phantom 3 camera, as well as provide a variety of speeds of Strobe Lighting for FAA Anti-Collision Lighting Requirements. Useful for Inspections, Surveillance, Search and Rescue, as well as many creative uses!! You can now hover lights above your scene for a cinematic effect, light paint the sky for creative long exposure photos, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.


*Not Compatible with PHANTOM 3 STANDARD



  • Weight of approximately 1 oz per mount for lightweight mounting and maximum flight time
  • 360º rotation allowing you to angle your light in any direction needed
  • No screws required! Clips right on to Phantom 3 legs 


Two (2) DJI Phantom 3 Lume Cube Mounts (compatible with DJI Phantom 3 Pro and Advanced)

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Customer Reviews

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They work great!

They fit great, but these are truly 3D printed and you can see the layers. Being the age of this drone and the current 3D tech available at the time the product does show some areas where there wasn’t layer adhesion which is a little worrisome but i think it should be just fine and work as it should. I am knocking 1 Star just because of the rough finish doesn’t follow the other quality I’ve gotten from Lume Cube.