About Us

About Lume Cube


At Lume Cube, we live to help you create better content. We believe limitations shouldn't be placed on your creativity based on the gear you have, the light of day, or the environment you're in. We are a group of Content Creation nerds who spend our lives diligently creating, building, & marketing products that we believe will make your life, your adventures, and your content better.

Everything we make must fit our 4 Pillars of Product Design: Make it PORTABLE. Make it DURABLE. Make it QUALITY. Make it USER FRIENDLY. We are proud to have hundreds of thousands of customers around the world supporting our ever-growing product line.

The sun goes down every day...Don't be left in the dark


Lume Cube's history is a humble one. No big Venture Capital investment, no seed money from wealthy family members, just good old fashion HARD WORK done in between surf/brain storm sessions in beautiful San Diego, California. The initial concept came to life via a Kickstarter Campaign in November of 2014. With a goal of $56,000, the small Lume Cube team found themselves fully funded with over $229,000 after 30-days of hustle. With that, the concept was proven & the market had spoken, they desperately wanted a small, portable, durable lighting device for photo & video. 

After 12 months of development (and countless improvements on the original concept) Lume Cube made their official debut into the retail space in late 2015. Within the first 3 years, the product found distribution in over 35 countries, secured a home on the shelves of every Apple Store around the world, and had over 100,000 customers in 70+ countries.


Today, the growing team has expanded exponentially and operates out of sunny San Diego, California. With a passionate team of A+ employees and leadership dedicated to the building a great brand, Lume Cube proudly sits among the world's leading companies creating innovative products for content creators. 

With lighting solutions now expanding across multiple markets, the sky is the limit, the team is hungry, and the future is bright (pun intended). We look forward to you joining the Lume Cube family that includes hundreds of thousands of creators around the world. Thank you for your support, and have an EPIC DAY!

THE Lume Cube TEAM

Lume Cube is a family of hard working & passionate individuals who are doing everything possible to develop a better future for Content Creators, Drone Pilots, & Live Streamers. Our specialty is LED Lighting & creating products that provide a better experience for the end user in low lighting situations. Seven Days a week, our incredible staff dedicates their lives to bringing you products that will unlock a creative control you never thought possible. We are not just a group of people, but a single family moving towards a collective goal of creating a "brighter" future for Content Creators, Live Streamers, and Drone Pilots.