We inspire the world's boldest and brightest to capture their full potential

We are a team of doers and makers, who bring unique ideas to life with value-driven design. We seek to inspire our customers through innovative products and exceptional service.

Each person inspired to capture their full potential
empowers the world to do the same.

Your personal best is out there waiting...
let us light the way.

With the right tools and community, anything is possible.

Lume Cube is the brainchild of a group of creators and achievers who were determined to put light where it could never go before. In our new digital world, where content is KING and your personal brand is more important than ever lighting makes all the difference.

Our customers understand the value of light too. They refuse to stay confined to cramped desks and stale studios. We’re answering their demand for flexibility and freedom with constantly evolving, adventure-ready lights that release creativity and productivity back into the wild where it belongs.

We provide the easy to use, easy to carry, and unapologetically good-looking
 gear that lets you tackle any obstacle thrown your way.