We challenge the status quo
of traditional lighting gear

Light shapes the way we see the world. But too often, heavy gear, fragile bulbs, and limited power options keep creatives tied to their studios. We believe in light without limits – portable, powerful illumination that can easily go as high, as far, or as deep as your imagination.

Your creativity doesn't have limits - why should your lighting gear?

You deserve to know the right light is always at your fingertips.

Lume Cube is the brainchild of a group of content nerds who are committed to innovation. As creators ourselves, we’ve learned one thing for certain: better light = better content.

Our customers understand the value of light, but refuse to be confined to cramped desks and stale offices. We’re answering their demand for flexibility and freedom with constantly evolving, adventure-ready lights that release creativity back into the wild where it belongs. 

We provide the easy to use, easy to carry, and unapologetically good-looking
 gear that lets you tackle any lighting obstacle.

Lume Cube's history is a humble one

No big Venture Capital investment, no seed money, just good old hard work done between surf/brainstorm sessions.

Our first concept came to life via Kickstarter in November 2014. After 30-days of hustle, the little Lume Cube team blew past our $56,000 goal and raised $229,000 in pre-orders. The market had spoken – you desperately needed a small, portable, durable lighting device. After 1 year of development (and countless improvements), Lume Cube made its official debut into the retail space late 2015.

Within the first 3 years, we secured a home on the shelves of every Apple Store, found distribution in over 35 countries, and brought light to over 100,000 customers around the world.