Lume Cube Zipper Case


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The on-size fits all solution and a home for your Lume Cube gear. Designed to securely hold 2 Lume Cubes + one main accessory (GoPro Bar, Drone Mounts, Light Houses/Modi Frames) + additional accessories in the zipper-sealed pouch. Or simply use the Zipper Case to hold up to 10 Lume Cubes. Made with custom cut internal foam, all-around external protection and a rubberized grip for easy carrying. Traveling with your lighting gear has never been easier!


One (1) Zipper Case
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Customer Reviews

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Good quality for the price

It's a nice case at a good price. My only wish is that there is a case for that would be good for multiple cubes (more than two) and their filters. This is more suited to people with drone kits, whereas a portrait or studio photographer would be interested in multiple cube cases

Although there are only two Cut Outs for the Cubes themselves, you can fit up to 10 Cubes in the Zipper case using the bigger rectangular section. We use the bigger section to place Lume Cubes there instead of mounts sometimes. Since they are very durable, you don't need to worry about them bumping into each other :) Thanks for the review!
Protect your investment

We all know the Lume Cube’s aren’t cheap, it’s critical that you protect them as best as you can even though they are rugged. Not only does this case offer protection it offers you a place to store your mounts so they don’t get damaged!! For the price, what’s not to love about it? It’s very sturdy, and the rubber zipper pulls and the pressed logo on the lid just compliments the case and completes it!

Space Case

I was really excited to see this become available. I have 2 Lume Cubes, colored gels, iPhone bracket, diffusers, and a charging cord. I was keeping all my Lume Cube gear in a smaller camera bag jiggling around. However with my new Lumecube case, everything fits, doesn't bounce around, and I don't have to worry about any of it getting damaged, plus the new Lumecube case is small enough that you can put it in another case that you might have on a roller cart, it's great!


well constructed


Just what I needed....Perfect size and very durable!!