Camera Mount with 360º Ball Head & Light Stand Adapter


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The "triple threat" for the content creator: Provides a Cold Shoe Mount for on-camera, a 1/4" Tripod Mount, and a 3/8" Light Stand Adapter all with a 360º rotating ball head! 

The Lume Cube DSLR Mount was designed for the Content Creator who's shooting photo or video with a DSLR and needs the ability to mount their lighting anywhere, whether on or off camera, for creative and effective illumination of their photo or video. The DSLR Camera Mount includes a cold-shoe adapter which is compatible with any DSLR Camera on the market (since NO DSLR Camera offers built-in constant light for video, on-camera LED Lighting is essential for capturing high-quality photo and video content). The DSLR Mount is considered the "triple threat" of photographic mounts, as it offers 3 different adapters for the three most essential devices in your kit: Shoe Mount for on-camera video, 1/4" 20 Tripod Mount for off-camera placement, and a 3/8" Light Stand Adapter for mounting the Lume Cube to ANY Light Stand on the market and giving your light 360o adjustability.



  • 360º adjustability via the ball head for angling your light in any direction
  • DSLR Shoe Mount for mounting Lume Cube lighting on any DSLR Camera on the market
  • Male 1/4" 20 tripod thread on top for mounting of Lume Cube, Microphone, etc
  • Female 1/4" 20 tripod mount on bottom for mounting the Ball Head Mount on any standard industry tripod
  • Female 3/8" Light Stand Adapter built-in for mounting the adjustable Ball Head Mount on any standard industry Light Stand


One (1) Lume Cube DSLR Camera Mount with Cold Shoe, 1/4" 20 inch tripod adapter, and 3/8" light stand Adapter

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Customer Reviews

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Lume Cube AND accessories

It is one thing to have great products. I love all 3 of my Lume Cubes! The accessories make sense to accommodate an easy and quick workflow all while enhancing your productions! However, couple that with great customer service and you truly have a production partner! Way to go Lume Cube!


I love this adapternot only can I use with my camera,IPhone,Sony Action Cam I also use it with my DJI OSMO MOBILE like I said great Adapter


Just does what it is supposed to do...What more can you ask for? Always the best!!

5 stars

Great strong product! Thank you!

Lime lights the way you play

Lume Cube is a very versatile flash and studio light for photographers. The Lume is small and light enough for travel yet powerful enough to light up the night. Give one or 10 a try and see what you think.