About Lume Cube

As a specialty lighting company, Lume Cube is dedicated to creating professional and portable lighting solutions for the content creator, filmmaker, drone pilot, and business man/woman. Everything we build is with the customer in mind; Our products are durable, waterproof, wirelessly controlled, and incorporate the best LED technology on the market. We allow you to put light where it couldn’t be placed before, and achieve better content on every device.


Lume Cube Makes A Difference

When we were kids, there was truly no better feeling than running outside, taking a deep breath of fresh air & embracing everything mother nature had to offer. Whether it was exploring the uncharted territory of the backyard, or heading off in search of new adventures, the natural world would never disappoint. Although we are now all grown up (bummer!), we still consider ourselves kids at heart, and believe that it is not only our duty, but our responsibility as a brand to help ensure that the future children of our planet have the same opportunities to love, explore and thrive in everything mother nature has to offer.

Following our hearts, we’ve closely evaluated every aspect of our business and have structured ourselves to be as environmentally friendly as possible, but to us, this means far more than just recycling our leftover waste…

Lume Cube Gives Back To San Diego

Among all of our successes, how could we not share a little with the local community who has supported us since day one, San Diego, California. Each month, the Lume Cube team takes a “community field trip” to connect and give back to those less fortunate in our city. Whether it be handing out socks for the homeless, or serving holiday meals to those less fortunate, we’re always willing to do our part. See below for a quick reel on a recent outing that put smiles on the faces of San Diego’s homeless community.

Bayside Community Center

Lume Cube worked with Bayside Community Center to provide food and supplies for people in need for the holiday seasons.

Helping The Homeless

The Lume Cube Team went to Downtown San Diego last month to provide wool socks for the less fortunate using the earnings from the Lume Cube Recycling Program.