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Ring Lights

World's best cordless ring lights for high-quality content creation. Smartphone compatible, portable, and game-changing.
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Ring Light MiniRing Light Mini
Ring Light Mini
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Lume Cube 17" ultrathin Cordless Ring Light Pro with a smartphone attached and wireless remote control.A woman adjusted the angle of a Ring Light Pro
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Lume Cube's Cordless 18" Ring Light with a smartphone attached in gooseneck mount.Lume Cube Cordless 18" Ring Light with head tilted at 45) down and smartphone attached in gooseneck mount.
Cordless 18 Inch Ring Light
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Why use a ring light?

Ringlight, ring light, light ring, LED lights, feel free to call them whatever you'd like, but never underestimate the power of high-quality lighting if you're a content creator for social media or YouTube or need to look flawless on your next video call. Ring lights are well-known for their ability to enhance the quality of your content by making you look your best by evenly distributing light across your face, eliminating shadows.

What makes our Ring Light Pro the best?

The Lume Cube Ring Light Pro is the epitome of excellence in ring lights, making it the unrivaled choice for discerning creators. With its superior Edge Lit LED ring light technology, this portable ring light with wireless remote control ensures perfectly balanced illumination, allowing you to create stunningly dynamic and professional-looking content anywhere, anytime. The Ring Light Pro's adjustable color temperature and brightness settings offer unparalleled customization, enabling you to create the perfect lighting ambiance or dial in your true-to-life skin tone in any environment.

What makes a portable ring light better?

Simply put, a portable ring light will give you unmatched creative freedom and is the only choice for content creators who crave versatility and convenience. Our portable ring lights redefine how you capture moments, granting you the power to create content wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, these ring lights liberate you from the constraints of electrical outlets, enabling you to shoot without the hassle of cords and effortlessly take your ring light to outdoor locations.