LED Lights for Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography Lighting

Lume Cube LED lights for portrait photography are designed to provide photographers adjustable, portable, and precise illumination that is essential for capturing the subtleties of human expression and emotion in portrait photography.

Find The Best Lighting Setup For Your Portrait Photography:

The ability to control light intensity, direction, and color temperature allows photographers to sculpt light in a way that enhances the subject's features, minimizes unwanted shadows, and highlights the depth and emotion of the portrait. Whether in a studio setting or on location, Lume Cube portrait lights adapt effortlessly to the photographer’s creative vision, providing consistent, reliable lighting in any environment. Our lights not only improve the technical quality of the photos but also enhance the photographer's ability to convey the story and personality of the subject through light. Whether you are a seasoned professional or an aspiring creator, our lights provide the features and flexibility needed to transform your portrait photography into art.


  • Adjustable Settings: portrait photographers can easily manipulate the mood and impact of their portraits with adjustable brightness and color temperature. This adaptability is crucial for accurately representing skin tones and the nuances of facial expressions.
  • Portability: Compact and lightweight, our lights can be brought along to different shooting locations, from indoor studios to outdoor settings, ensuring professional-quality LED lighting anywhere you need it.
  • Shadow Reduction: The design of Lume Cube Lights includes options for softening and diffusing light, which helps in reducing harsh shadows that can detract from the subject’s natural features.
  • Versatility: Compatible with various modifiers and accessories, these lights can be used to create a range of lighting effects, from dramatic, high-contrast images to soft and flattering portraits.
  • Ease of Use: Simple setup and user-friendly controls make Lume Cube lights ideal for portrait photographers of all skill levels, allowing more focus on the creative aspects of photography.