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Light Tip: Ring Light Photography - Portrait Lighting

Ring lights have become one of the most popular lighting tools in photography and general content creation over the past few years. They are easy to set up, produce even light, and easily maneuverable for testing different lighting techniques.


Ring lights have become one of the most popular lighting tools in photography and general content creation over the past few years. They are easy to set up, produce even light and are easily maneuverable for testing different lighting techniques. Below are five different lighting styles to try out using your ring light for portrait photography. 

1. Straight On:

Placing your ring light straight in front of your subject is the best way to reduce shadows and create an even lighting effect. Because ring lights are a large light source Due to the 17” diameter of the ring light you’ll fully surround your subject’s face with the light, resulting in a flattering image that reduces any facial imperfections. using them straight on will allow you to light your entire subject evenly. Be sure to place your camera directly in the center of the ring light, either by using your camera handheld or using the included phone mount, to achieve a balanced and evenly lit look.


2. Top Down:

Using a ring light for top-down lighting will be one of the most natural-looking ways to light your subject. This angle of lighting mimics the way the sun shines on you outdoors, making it a familiar lighting effect to your viewer's eye. This technique will create shadows under the nose and chin of your subject and draw your viewer's eye to their eyes and face. but is suitable for creating the illusion that your subject is outdoors.

3. 45-Degree Lighting:

This is one of the most popular lighting techniques for portrait photography. Placing your ring light at a 45-degree angle to the left or right of your subject creates dynamic, gradual lighting across your subject's face. To master this technique, you may have to slightly move your ring light left or right until you get the gradual shadows you are looking for. This lighting technique is also flattering but adds more depth and drama to your photo.


4. Low High Lighting:

Placing your ring light under your subject facing up will create a dramatic up light. This technique is great for dramatic and creative portraits. Although it is one of the less common lighting techniques, it is one of our favorites to experiment with! This is an especially great way to create a catch light or a light designed to illuminate your subject's eyes.


5. Backlit:


To accomplish a backlit look, position your ring light directly behind your subject. This will outline your subject, separating them from the background and creating depth. Backlighting is another creative and experimental technique in portrait photography. In post production, if you drop your shadows and bring up your highlights you may be able to silhouette your subject, which is another cool end result of using a backlight.  


The Ring Lights Pro from Lume Cube is the best ring light for portrait photography. Its 17” light is designed using edge-lit technology that produces powerful, soft light. Not only is the light quality impressive, but it is completely portable, allowing you to place your lighting wherever you need to get your desired shot.

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