professional photography ring lights LED with stands and DSLR camera mount

Photography Ring Lights

Lume Cube Ring Lights for photography offer a unique lighting solution tailored to the needs of photographers. Our LED ring lights are designed to cast an even, diffused light that minimizes shadows and highlights the subject's best features, making them an indispensable tool for creating professional-quality images.

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Cordless LED Ring Light Pro with a smartphone mount and wireless remote control.A woman adjusted the angle of a Ring Light Pro
Lume Cube Cordless Ring Light Pro in WhiteLume Cube Cordless Ring Light Pro White 18-inch Edge-Lit LED Ring Light
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Lume Cube Ring Light Mini 12-inch Edge-Lit LED Ring Light with StandLume Cube Ring Light Mini 12-inch Edge-Lit LED Ring Light with Stand
Save $ 10.00
Lume Cube's Cordless 18" Ring Light with a smartphone attached in gooseneck mount.Lume Cube Cordless 18" Ring Light with head tilted at 45) down and smartphone attached in gooseneck mount.

Why Consider Ring Lights For Photography?

The convenience and portability of our LED ring lights make them an excellent choice for both studio setups and on-location shoots. Their ease of use and the immediate improvement they can bring to a wide range of photography styles make Lume Cube Ring Lights a valuable addition to any photographer’s toolkit. Investing in a high-quality ring light is a step towards more dynamic, eye-catching, and professional photography, whether you're capturing the subtle beauty of a gourmet dish, the sleek design of a new
product, or the compelling gaze of a portrait subject. Discover some of the added benefits for popular photography styles:

Ring Lights For Product & Food Photography: the
uniform light from our ring lights ensures that every detail is crisply illuminated, enhancing textures and colors without the harsh shadows that can detract from the appeal of the subject. This makes it easier to capture the enticing qualities of food or the intricate details of products, which is essential for compelling commercial photography.

Ring Lights For Portrait Photography: our ring lights are renowned for their ability to produce a beautiful, soft glow that can reduce blemishes and wrinkles,
resulting in a more flattering appearance of the subject. The signature catchlights created by ring lights in the subject's eyes add a vibrant, engaging element to portraits, bringing them to life.