portable LED lights for photography and video content production

Portable Photography Lighting

Lume Cube’s portable photography lighting is designed for videographers and photographers who demand mobility and versatility in their LED lighting equipment to keep up with their dynamic shooting environments and adapt to any location setup.

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2 RGB Tube Light Mini on white background #color_rgb tube light mini 2-packPerson holding RGB Tube Light Mini on dark background #color_rgb tube light mini 2-pack
RGB Tube Light Mini 2-Pack
App Controlled 1ft. LED Tube Lights
Sale price $ 279.99 Regular price $ 299.99
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2 colors available

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2 RGB Tube Light XL on white backgroundMan holding RGB Tube Light XL
RGB Tube Light XL 2-Pack
App Controlled 4ft. LED Tube Lights
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2 colors available

Lume Cube Studio Panel Lighting Kit Two Edge-Lit LED Panel Lights with Stands2 Studio Panels on Stands in concrete room
RGB Panel Pro 2.0 mounted to DSLR CameraCamera with Lume Cube RGB Panel Pro at night with snap-on plastic diffuser.
Lume Cube Panel Mini LED for lighting mounted on black Sony camera.Lume Cube Panel Mini LED for lighting with white silicone diffuser attached, mounted on black Sony camera.
Cordless LED Ring Light Pro with a smartphone mount and wireless remote control.A woman adjusted the angle of a Ring Light Pro
Lume Cube Tube Light Mini on white background #color_tube light miniLume Cube RGB Tube Light Mini App Controlled 1ft. LED Tube Light
2 Panel Go Lights with 2 Light StandsTwo black metal telescoping 5-foot Lume Cube Light Stands each with an RGB Panel Go LED panel mounted atop each.
RGB Panel Pro 2.0 with Stand, Barn Doors, and Honey Comb Filter on white backgroundCamera with RGB Panel Pro and black metal 4-slat barn doors mounted on top.
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Lume Cube Tube Light XL on white background #color_tube light xlMan arranging 3 RGB Tube Light XL Lights on stands
RGB Tube Light XL
App Controlled 4ft. LED Tube Light
Sale price $ 299.99 Regular price$ 399.99
41 reviews

2 colors available

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Lume Cube's Cordless 18" Ring Light with a smartphone attached in gooseneck mount.Lume Cube Cordless 18" Ring Light with head tilted at 45) down and smartphone attached in gooseneck mount.
Lume Cube RGB Panel Pro Light Shaping Kit including RGB Panel Pro with Honeycomb Grid and Barn Doors accessories.RGB Panel Pro 2.0 mounted to DSLR Camera

Benefits of Portable LED Lights for Photographers, Videographers & Filmmakers

Our portable photography lighting is the best choice for any photographer, videographer or content creator looking for a high-quality, versatile lighting setup that is as mobile as they are. Whether you are moving around a studio set, traveling to a distant location, or working in challenging outdoor conditions, Lume Cube lights provide the control, convenience, and reliability needed to achieve professional results in any setting. Our portable photo/video lights empower creatives to capture your vision with precision, enhancing the artistic quality of your work and expanding your potential.


  • Battery Powered & Cordless: these lights are powered by a robust built-in battery that provides long-lasting illumination without the need for continuous power supply. The cordless design enhances mobility, making it easier to change locations quickly without the hassle of cables or external power sources.
  • Compact & Travel-Ready: Designed with the traveling creative in mind, these lights are compact and lightweight, making them easy to pack and carry wherever the shoot takes you.
  • Durable Construction: Built to endure the rigors of fieldwork, our LED lights are rugged and durable, capable of withstanding various filming conditions from dust to moisture, ensuring reliable performance no matter the shooting location.
  • Versatile: our lights offer adjustable settings including brightness and color temperature, allowing users to perfectly match the lighting to their specific scene or subject matter.
  • Ease of Use: our lights are user-friendly, with intuitive controls that make it simple to adjust settings on the fly. Perfect for fast-paced shooting environments where time is of the essence and quick adjustments are necessary.