Behind The Light: Chase Viken & The Pursuit of Passion

Behind The Light: Chase Viken & The Pursuit of Passion

This episode shines a spotlight on Chase Viken, a dynamic photographer and filmmaker based in San Diego, California. Discover his journey into the realm of visual storytelling.


Explore our latest “Behind The Light," where viewers are given an intimate look into the creative processes of artists who illuminate their craft through passion, dedication, and innovative lighting techniques. This episode shines a spotlight on Chase Viken, a dynamic photographer and filmmaker based in San Diego, California, whose journey into the realm of visual storytelling started with a simple fascination for capturing motion in the natural world.

Chase's approach to photography and filmmaking is deeply rooted in the belief that challenges spur creativity. His passion for the craft began a decade ago, filming skateboarding adventures with friends. Over the years, this hobby evolved into a career that now spans various outdoor environments—from the snowy slopes to the ocean's vastness. 

What sets Chase apart is his unique perspective on composition. He emphasizes the importance of the background and the use of leading lines and blocking to complement the subject within the frame. Chase's philosophy extends to his use of light; he strives for his images to appear organic while skillfully using lighting to enhance or soften the scene. His go-to tools are the Lume Tube Light XL and Tube Light Minis—which empower him to experiment with different lighting scenarios without being tethered to a power source.

For Chase, creativity is not just about the individual artist but about the community that surrounds them. He values the community aspect of creativity, believing that collaboration and the exchange of ideas can lead to some of the most impactful work. His advice to fellow creatives is to pursue their passions, share their stories, and find a community that supports their vision.

Looking ahead, Chase is focused on refining his skills in both photography and videography. He acknowledges the importance of shooting for oneself, outside of client projects, to truly understand and define one's artistic voice. His commitment to his craft and his community is evident in his eagerness to share his knowledge and experiences with others, whether through his YouTube channel, Instagram, or his online portfolios.

"Behind The Light" not only highlights Chase Viken's exceptional talent and innovative use of Lume Cube lighting but also encapsulates the essence of creativity—the pursuit of passion, the importance of community, and the continuous journey of self-discovery and improvement. Chase's story is a testament to the power of light, both in the literal sense of shaping images and in the metaphorical sense of guiding one's path through the creative landscape.

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