This episode illuminates the artistic and entrepreneurial spirit of Reese Hilburn, a creative tattoo artist, educator and entrepreneur based in San Diego, California. Discover her philosophy on the empowerment of art.

This episode of Lume Cube's "Behind The Light" series features Reese Hilburn, a creative tattoo artist, educator and entrepreneur. She offers us an intimate glimpse into the life of an artist who merges the worlds of creativity, entrepreneurship, and education. Based in San Diego, California, Reese shares her 13-year journey in the tattoo industry, highlighting her passion for abstract realism, her commitment to helping clients express themselves unapologetically, and her vision for fostering a community of empowered artists.

Reese's story begins with an early fascination for tattoo culture, leading her to pursue a career in tattooing straight out of college. Her tattoo style, characterized by a blend of opaque blacks, grays, and vibrant color, focuses on themes of warrior women and florals, aimed at boosting her clients' confidence and self-expression.

A unique aspect of Reese's philosophy is her holistic approach to her craft. She views everything from tattooing to business management as forms of art, believing that adopting this mindset transforms mundane tasks into creative opportunities. This perspective has not only enriched her personal “work” but has also inspired her to mentor other tattoo artists, helping them navigate marketing and social media to attract their "soulmate clients" and grow their businesses.

Reese underscores the importance of investing in quality equipment early in one's career, emphasizing that good tools enhance artistic capability and reduce struggle. Specifically, she praises her Lume Cube Flex Light Pro lighting setup for its ability to eliminate shadows that could interfere with her intricate tattooing process, particularly when working with color.

For those aspiring to enter the tattoo industry, Reese offers words of encouragement: focus on your art, maintain a clear vision of your desired future, and persevere through the challenges. Her own future aspirations include expanding her tattoo shop, developing her educational programs for artists, and continuing to build her tattoo empire.

Through platforms like YouTube, podcasts, Instagram, TikTok, and her website, Reese extends her reach beyond the tattoo chair, sharing insights and inspiration with a broader audience. Her story serves as a beacon for creative professionals seeking to blend artistry with impactful storytelling and mentorship.

Reese Hilburn exemplifies the ethos of Lume Cube, showcasing how passion, innovation, and a commitment to community can illuminate paths not just for individual artists, but for the entire creative industry. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of art, light, and leadership in carving out spaces where creativity knows no bounds.

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