waterproof LED lights for video and photography

Waterproof LED Lights

Lume Cube waterproof LED lights are designed for photographers, videographers, and content creators who demand performance and durability in the most challenging environments. Our compact, rugged LED lights are not only waterproof but also built to withstand the rigors of extreme conditions, whether on land or submerged underwater.

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Benefits of Lume Cube 2.0 Waterproof LED Lights:

Lume Cube waterproof LED lights are essential for professionals who require a dependable lighting solution that can keep up with their adventurous spirit and challenging shooting demands. Our Lume Cube 2.0 lights enable creators to explore new realms of photography and videography, offering the freedom to capture compelling images and videos in any condition, including underwater, without compromising on light quality or durability.


  • Waterproof Capability: Fully submersible, these lights provide reliable illumination in aquatic settings, making them ideal for underwater photography and videography. Aluminum housing offers waterproof photography light up to 10 meters (30 feet).
  • Compact & Rugged Design: Small enough to fit in any gear bag and tough enough to handle drops, shocks, and rough handling. These lights are built for action-packed assignments and ensure you never miss a shot due to failing equipment.
  • High Output & Adjustable Settings: Despite their small size, these app-controlled lights pack a powerful punch, providing intense brightness that can be adjusted to fit the needs of any shooting environment.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Equipped with a variety of mounting options, these lights can be easily attached to cameras, GoPro’s, drones, tripods, and other equipment, offering flexible lighting setups for creative and complex shoots.