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Benefits of Bi-Color LED Lights For Photographers, Filmmakers & Creators:

Lume Cube Bi-Color LED Lights are a versatile and powerful addition to any creator's toolkit, providing the control needed to produce consistently high-quality images and videos. The bi-color feature is invaluable for ensuring consistent lighting across various shooting conditions, helping to maintain color fidelity and enhance the overall visual impact of the content. These lights are ideal for professionals looking to elevate their work with lighting that can be finely tuned to any situation, ensuring that every shot captures the intended mood and detail. Whether in a controlled studio setting or a challenging outdoor location, Lume Cube Bi-Color LED Lights are perfect for achieving the best possible illumination in any scene.


  • Adjustable Color Temperatures: Effortlessly adapt lighting to match both indoor and outdoor environments, or to complement the natural light present in your scene. This capability is crucial for seamlessly blending artificial light with ambient conditions to avoid color casting and ensure natural-looking results. Bi-color lights range from warm yellow hues to cool blue hues.
  • Versatility in Use: Whether shooting a complex narrative film, a detailed photographic portrait, or dynamic content for social media, these lights can be tuned to enhance both creativity and technical execution.
  • Portable & Durable: Designed for the demands of both studio and field use, Lume Cube Bi-Color LED Lights are built to be both portable and sturdy. This makes them ideal for creators who need reliable lighting that can withstand diverse shooting environments and frequent transport.
  • Enhanced Subject Illumination: By allowing users to dial in the perfect color temperature, these lights ensure subjects are illuminated beautifully, enhancing skin tones and the appearance of fabrics and surfaces.
  • Ease of Operation: With intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces, our lights make it simple to adjust settings on the fly, enabling quick responses to changing light conditions or creative demands.