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The Lume Cube Panel Mini is a credit-card-sized, portable, adjustable bicolor LED Light for Content Creation.

Key features include 1%...

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The Lume Cube Panel Mini is a credit-card-sized, portable, adjustable bicolor LED Light for Content Creation.

Key features include 1% - 100% brightness adjustability, 3200k - 5600k color temperature adjustability, built-in display screen showing all key indicators (color temp, brightness, run time, etc), two ¼” 20 tripod mounts, a frosted lens for built-in diffusion, & an additional softening diffuser included.

      • 1% - 100% Brightness Adjustability (in 5% increments)
      • Full Spectrum LED Light
      • 3200k - 5600k color adjustability (in 100k unit increments)
      • Built-in Intelligent LCD Display showing brightness, color temp, and ERT (Estimated run time)
      • Adjustable Dial for Increasing/decreasing brightness and color temp
      • USB Type C Charging
      • Dual 1/4" 20 tripod mounts (Bottom and Side)
      • Frosted lens for soft diffusion
      • Silicon White Diffuser inside the box
      • 60 premium LED's for high powered bi-color adjustability
        • One (1) LED Light Panel
        • One (1) USB-C Charging Cable
        • One (1) DSLR Mini Shoe Mount
        • One (1) Silicon White Softening Diffuser

How big is the light? Just about the size of a Credit Card. Specific dimensions are 3.5” long x 2.1” high x .45” thick

How many LED’s are there? There are 60 LED’s built into the Panel Mini.

Is the Panel Mini plastic or metal? It’s made housed in a high-grade aluminum housing to provide durability & dispersion of heat.

What are the color temperature levels? The bicolor LED ranges from 3200 Kelvin (warm orange light) to 5600 Kelvin (cool white light) light in 100 Kelvin increments.

What are the brightness controls? For the ultimate creative control you can adjust the light from 1% brightness to 100% brightness in 5% increments.

How long does it last? On a full charge, the Panel Mini will last 1 hr 20 minutes on 100% brightness, and over 14 HOURS on 1% brightness!

Can I run it while charging? Yes! If you’re looking for extended run time, the Panel Mini is designed to allow you to run the LED consistently while plugged in.

What type of charging port is on the device? The Panel Mini is a rechargeable device charged with a USB-C cable.

Can I charge it with a portable power pack? Absolutely! You can charge the Panel Mini with any portable power pack that would charge your smartphone.

How can it be mounted? The Panel Mini has 2 (Two) ¼” 20 tripod threads built-in, one on the bottom & one on the top. You can mount the light to any tripod mount, or use the included DSLR Mount to slide your Panel Mini on top of a camera.

Can it be used as a camera flash? Unfortunately not, this LED Panel is a continuous light only

Can it be controlled via Bluetooth? This product is not compatible with our Bluetooth application

Is this product waterproof? No, the Panel Mini is not waterproof. Please do not use it underwater.

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