Camera Mounts & Light Accessories

Camera Mounts & Light Accessories

Lume Cube's Camera and Photography Light Accessories are designed to enhance the versatility and creative potential of photographers at any level. From mounts, light shaping kits, diffusers to modifiers; our photography accessories are essential for photographers looking to refine their camera lighting techniques.

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3" tall by 1" diameter black metal Lume Cube DSLR Camera Mount with ballhead Light Stand Adapter and 1/4 20" threads and shoe mount.Diagram pointing out features of DSLR Camera Mount
Black plastic Lume Cube RGB Panel Pro snap-on Barndoor and Honeycomb Grid Accessories.Camera with RGB Panel Pro and black metal 4-slat barn doors mounted on top.
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Black metal collapsible and portable 30" Lume Cube Adjustable Light & Webcam Stand with Rotating Mount.Man setting up Lume Cube's 30" black metal Adjustable Light & Webcam Stand with Rotating Mount next to his laptop while fully-extended with a LED panel attached.
30-Inch Desktop Tripod
Sale price$ 26.99 Regular price$ 34.99
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Black metal adjustable Lume Cube smartphone clip with 1/4" 20 thread to attach lighting to phone.Smartphone with Lume Cube Smarphone Clip for Lighting holding a Panel Mini
Lume Cube black metal collapsible and portable 5-Foot Adjustable Light Stand fully-extended to 60"Black metal Lume Cube Adjustable Light Stand in shortest setup with a tilted LED RGB Panel Pro attached.
Black metal collapsible and portable Lume Cube Mobile Creator Stand for smartphones.Black metal Lume Cube Mobile Creator Stand with smartphone mounted in portraid orientation.
Lume Cube RGB Panel Pro Light Shaping Kit including RGB Panel Pro with Honeycomb Grid and Barn Doors accessories.RGB Panel Pro 2.0 mounted to DSLR Camera
A fully-extended 70" tall black aluminum Lume Cube light stand.A motion .GIF showing the extension of the black metal collapsible and portable Lume Cube 70" Light Stand.
70-Inch Tripod
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Black metal Lume Cube Power Grip Portable Battery with USB-C charging port.Woman using Lume Cube Power Grip Portable Battery with Mobile Creator Lighting Kit
Power Grip
Sale price$ 69.99
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4 white dome diffusion bulbs for Lume Cube 2.0 Waterproof LED.Lume Cube 2.0 with diffusion bulbs on white backround
Black metal 16"-40" telescoping Edge-Mounted Light Stand with adjustable c-clamp table mount. Lume Cube.Lume Cube Flex Light attached to Desk Mounted stand
#color_magsafe magnetic phone mount - black#color_magsafe magnetic phone mount - black
MagSafe Magnetic Phone Mount
Sale price$ 29.99
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Camera Light Accessories For Photographers:

Our Photography Light Accessories collection is crafted with the needs of photographers in mind, providing tools that enhance creativity and efficiency. Whether you're looking to achieve precise lighting setups, shape light to match your creative vision, or add color and mood to your images, these accessories offer the solutions needed to take your photography to the next level. Embracing these tools can transform the way you work with light, opening up new possibilities for artistic expression and technical excellence in your photography.

  • Camera Mounts: Lume Cube's variety of DSLR and smartphone mounts offer photographers the flexibility to attach their lighting devices to cameras, tripods, and other equipment securely. These mounts are designed for stability and ease of use, ensuring that DSLR or mobile photographers can position their lights exactly where they need them, whether in a studio setting or on location. 
  • Light Shaping Kits: For photographers aiming to manipulate light with greater precision, light shaping kits are invaluable. These kits include diffusers, grids, or barn doors that modify the shape and direction of light, allowing for more control over shadow, contrast, and highlight effects. Light shaping tools are key to creating mood, depth, and texture in photographs, enabling photographers to convey emotion and narrative more effectively.
  • Gel Modifiers: Gel modifiers are used to alter the color of the light emitted by photography lights. By adding these colorful gels over a light source, photographers can create vibrant effects, correct color temperatures, or match the ambient light in a scene. Gels are a simple yet powerful way to add creativity and mood to images, making them a staple in the toolkit of any photographer looking to explore the artistic side of lighting.