Tube Lights

Tube Lights

Lume Cube Tube Lights are ideal for a wide range of applications, whether in studio settings or on-location shoots, providing dynamic, customizable lighting that can adapt to any artistic vision. Elevate your creativity with app-controlled RGB Tube Lights and get the professional LED lighting you demand.

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Lume Cube Tube Light Mini on white background #color_tube light miniLume Cube RGB Tube Light Mini App Controlled 1ft. LED Tube Light
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Lume Cube Tube Light XL on white background #color_tube light xlMan arranging 3 RGB Tube Light XL Lights on stands
RGB Tube Light XL
App Controlled 4ft. LED Tube Light
Sale price $ 299.99 Regular price$ 399.99
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2 colors available

Save $ 20.00
2 RGB Tube Light Mini on white background #color_rgb tube light mini 2-packPerson holding RGB Tube Light Mini on dark background #color_rgb tube light mini 2-pack
RGB Tube Light Mini 2-Pack
App Controlled 1ft. LED Tube Lights
Sale price $ 279.99 Regular price $ 299.99
42 reviews

2 colors available

Save $ 210.00
2 RGB Tube Light XL on white backgroundMan holding RGB Tube Light XL
RGB Tube Light XL 2-Pack
App Controlled 4ft. LED Tube Lights
Sale price $ 589.99 Regular price $ 799.99
43 reviews

2 colors available

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Tube Light Tips

Behind The Light: The Pursuit of Passion

Chase Viken, a dynamic photographer and filmmaker based in San Diego, CA. Discover his journey into the realm of visual storytelling.

5 Epic Ways To Use Tube Lights

Seeking versatility and creativity in your photo or video lighting setup? LED tube lights are a game-changer. Explore the top 5 uses for RGB tube lights.

Light Tip: Green / Magenta Tint Control

Precision is key when it comes to achieving the perfect tint in your photos or videos. Learn how to control your color tint with Lume Cube lights.

Benefits of LED Tube Lights:

Lume Cube Tube Lights are more than just lighting equipment; they are essential tools for artists looking to push the boundaries of photography, videography and content creation. With their ability to illuminate scenes in vibrant colors and versatile setups, these lights are crucial for anyone serious about creating visually stunning and emotionally compelling artwork. Whether used in the controlled environment of a studio or the unpredictability of outdoor locations, Lume Cube Tube Lights offer the flexibility and performance needed to bring any artistic vision to life.


  • Versatile RGB Lighting: Both the Tube Light XL and Tube Light Mini provide a full RGB color range, enabling endless creative possibilities. This feature allows for precise control over the mood and tone of the scene, from subtle hues to vibrant effects. Perfect for dramatic effects on your subject or background fill lighting.
  • App-Controlled & Adjustable Settings: Users can easily adjust brightness, color temperature, and color effects, making our tube lights incredibly adaptable to various lighting conditions and creative needs. Download the “Lume Control” app available for iOS and Android.
  • Durable and Portable: Designed for both in-studio and field use, our tube lights are built to be durable yet lightweight, easy to set up, and transport, making them ideal for dynamic shooting environments.
  • Seamless Integration: Both the Tube Light XL and Mini can be integrated smoothly into any existing studio setup, enhancing the professional capabilities of any studio space or on-location shoots.