Cords are a thing of the past.
Meet Lume Cube, your portable lighting solution for content and streaming.
We promise the right light always at your fingertips.

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"A truly all-around incredible portable light to make your videos better during conference calls"

"Overall, I think it’s the best inexpensive and straightforward lighting solution for video conference calls"

"There probably is no more important aspect to looking good on camera than lighting."

"Smaller than a deck of cards, it is designed to pack a lot of light in a portable design for vlogging and videoconferencing."

"A WIRED video producer was so complimentary about my Lume Cube remote glow that I started to wonder how bad my look was before."

"Proper lighting has become an essential part of the Video Conferencing experience, and we’re excited to have Lume Cube supporting our users and helping them both look and feel their best on their Zoom meetings."

"I will easily be keeping one or more of these in my bag when traveling, their versatility and power are perfect for so many situations."

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