Light Tip: Creating Dynamic Scenes

Light Tip: Creating Dynamic Scenes

Let's explore how tube lights can transform any dull environment into a captivating scene.



While traditional lighting methods have their place, there's a unique versatility that tube lights bring to the table. Not only can these lights be used to illuminate your subject, but they can also be strategically placed within your scene, transforming any dull environment into a captivating scene. Let's explore how we used tube lights to create our fitness video above!

Enhance Ambience

One of the key qualities of tube lights is their ability to bring a boring environment to life. Placing these lights strategically in your scene can create a captivating atmosphere for your subject. In the video above, we turned the dark room behind our subject into a dynamic backdrop. The best part is that you can control all our tube lights at once using the Lume Control app, allowing you to create multiple different looks without extra work.

Amplify Effects with Aerosol Spray

To take your lighting game to the next level, consider incorporating aerosol spray into your setup. This simple trick can add depth and texture to your scenes, allowing the light from the Tube Lights to pop and create dynamic visual effects.

Leverage Magnetic Mounts

Flexibility is key when it comes to lighting setups, and Tube Lights deliver in this aspect as well. For instance, the Lume Cube Tube Light Mini comes with magnetic mounting endcaps, allowing you to attach them to various metal surfaces effortlessly. This feature is extremely handy, especially in environments like gyms, studios, warehouses, and other places. By taking advantage of the magnetic mount, you can position your Tube Lights creatively, capturing the perfect angles and highlighting specific elements in your scene. 

Add Drama with Strobe

if you want to add more drama to your shot, the strobe mode on Tube Lights is your best friend. With the Lume Cube tube lights, you have access to ten different strobe settings, allowing you to customize the speed and intensity of the flashes. This functionality enables you to synchronize the lighting effects with the rhythm of your scene, creating captivating moments that elevate the overall aesthetic.

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