Lit Up Switzerland Glacier Mills with Remo Demont

Switzerland Glacier Mills with Remo Demont

@remodemont_photography recently came up with this EPIC #LitByLume glacier photo in the Swiss Alps. Of course, we had to get down to the bottom of exactly how he pulled it off! Read up on Remo's night photography strategy, camera settings and more on how he created this image.

Where was this image taken?

At the glacier mills on the Alp Mora in the Swiss Alps.

How much planning went into the shot?

I had the place for a long time in my head, I just had to wait for the appropriate night with a good view of the Milky Way.

I was there early enough to plan the composition.

Tell us about the journey to get to your shoot location. I’m sure glacier mills in the swiss alps aren’t the easiest to get to!

Up to the Alp is a road that can be reached by car with permission. After that, it is only 10 minutes’ walk to the glacier mills.

What camera did you use? And can you share your camera settings used here?

For this photo, I used:

the Sony A7rii with the Sony FE 16-35 2.8 GM
for the Milky Way Aperture f2.8 ISO 6400 20 sec
Foreground Aperture f8 ISO 400 120 sec.

And for the illuminated glacier mills Aperture f5 3.2 sec. ISO 400

What inspired you to capture this image?

I had always imagined the glacier mills with Milky Way, and suddenly I came up with the idea to illuminate the mills with a Lume Cube, which are always in my photo backpack. I could imagine the picture well.

How many Lume Cubes were used in the shot and where were they placed?

Although I had 3 Lume Cube with me, I only needed one. This I dipped with a string in the water. I had to make sure that the Lume Cube itself was not visible and the glacier mills were well lit. The whole thing worked very well on full power.
That's what I did with three mills each time with a photo. These were then brought together in the PS.

How did you get the Lume Cubes into the glacier mills? Sure looks like some cold water!

Yes, the water was cold, but not an issue for the Lume Cube! And I was able to keep my feet dry.

Is this a single image or composite? If composite, explain how you stacked the images.

It is a composition of 5 pictures.
One the starry sky, one the foreground and three more shots of the illuminated glacier mills.

Any plans to go back to this location and try something new?

At the moment, I have many other plans, but since the place is not far from my home, I will definitely visit it again.

Describe Lume Cube in 5 words or less.

Always in my photo backpack

About Remo Demont

I am a landscape photographer from Chur in Switzerland. The planning of a photo (location, time of day, the position of the sun, etc.) as well as taking the picture on-site and the editing at the end is for me the interesting thing about landscape photography.

See more from Remo at @remodemont_photography.

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