Video Resume Tips

Video Resume Tips

Learn how video resumes can be a great tool to land your next job.

Searching for a job can be difficult, especially right now, when graduation season is upon us and many people are looking for new positions. Competition is fierce, and you need a way to set yourself apart from the other candidates, show potential employers how serious you are about the position, and highlight your unique skills and experience.

An innovative way to make a personal connection with prospective employers is via video resumes. These supplements to your resume showcase your talents while letting you reach out in a more personal way.

In addition, employers will be impressed that you went above and beyond to use this exciting and customized tool that gives them a better picture of who you are.

virtual video resume tips

Why Video Resumes Are Important

Video resumes are a great addition to the traditional resume to show how committed and focused you are. You can use them as a tool to draw extra attention to the roles and accomplishments you're most proud of, which you want to highlight for potential employers.

They show your wide range of skills (including video editing, presenting, attention to detail, and more) in a natural and fun way that doesn't take up too much time from the hiring department.

How To Make A Great Video Resume

Your video resume is your first opportunity to connect to the company. This is when you want to show the person behind the accomplishments and qualifications they're looking for.

Like a mini-interview, it is important to use your clothing, language, demeanor, and subject matter to display that you're a good fit for this position.

Keep It Short

Think of this video as an elevator pitch on why you are the right person for the job. Allow it to show that you can convey a strong message in a short amount of time and you understand the busy schedule of a hiring manager. Some hiring managers can have hundreds of resumes to sift through, so making your video resume any longer than two minutes will be too long.

Instead, focus on the most important and relevant parts of your story, and highlight those.

virtual video resume tips

Keep It Focused

If you're applying for a specific job, consider making a particular video resume for them. Customizing for that company (you can even find out the hiring manager's name and call them out in your resume for an extra personal touch) lets you share exactly how your unique experience fits perfectly for the position.

Be Prepared

Appearing natural and exciting in your video resume is vital. After all, what's the point of using a method that showcases interpersonal skills if you sound robotic on camera?

Speaking off the cuff or improvising can feel most natural, however, you want to make sure you have talking points prepared so you cover the most important points. It's very easy to forget important information when we improvise, and you want to make sure you include all the most pertinent parts of your resume in your video.

End With A Call-To-Action

Every good persuasion should end with a call to action, which encourages your audience to follow your advice right away. Usually, this is just a sentence or two that tells the viewer what their next steps should be and motivates them to do it.

This could include your email or phone number for follow-up or a link to your LinkedIn profile to see more of your employment history. Think of what would motivate you to hire someone, then implore the hiring managers to do just that.

virtual video resume tips

Look Presentable

It is extremely important to look professional and presentable in your video interview. It is important to consider your surroundings, wardrobe, sound, and lighting. You want to make sure you are well lit so the hiring manager can see your face and body language. Showing that you have taken all of these aspects into consideration will make you stand out above other candidates.

Attention To Detail

Use the right lighting on your video resume so that you and your surroundings look natural and in focus. This well-put-together effect makes the impression that you have excellent attention to detail and can effectively create an appealing presentation.

Show You're Remote Ready

If you're applying for a fully remote work position, all your interactions with your team will be through email or video conference. Lighting is a major part of being remote work-ready, the company should know your work setup is well equipped and you are prepared to work at home.

Keep You Prepared

The best lighting solutions for your video resumes and video calls are multi-functional. Not only do they create the best lighting for you and your surroundings, but lights like the Edge Light make the whole area brightly lit, acting as a workspace and video conferencing light.

Choose A Great Background

We know you're proud of your DVD collection or that family picture, and once you have the job, feel free to show those off. But for now, focus on a neutral background. Avoid clutter and messes, and if you can be against a wall to avoid someone accidentally walking through your shot, even better. These things help create a setting of professionalism and control.

If a wall of your home isn't to your liking, don't be afraid to get creative, including relevant hobbies or settings to the position you're applying for. Wherever and whatever you choose, make sure to minimize the background and set your lighting up to best highlight you.

virtual video resume tips

Using a Video Resume Increases Your Chances

In a sea of candidates, it's crucial to stand out. Using a video resume to highlight your qualifications and instantly connect with hiring managers gives you an edge over other people vying for this position.

Make your video resume high quality by using these video resume tips to optimize the lighting and more. To see our gear that will make your video resume a success, visit our website.

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