LED remote control lights for photography and video studio lighting

Remote Control Lights

Lume Cube remote control lights are designed to enhance the flexibility and efficiency of photographers, videographers, and content creators. These lights are equipped with remote control capabilities that allow users to adjust lighting settings from a distance and maintain your flow.

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Why Consider Remote Controlled LED Lights for Photography or Video?

Remote control functionality is essential for maintaining the flow of a shoot, particularly during complex lighting setups where constant movement between the camera and the lights can disrupt the creative process and the connection with the subject. By offering precise control and flexibility, our remote controlled lights not only simplify the technical aspects of LED lighting but also enhance the overall creative potential of any project. Whether shooting a detailed still-life, a dynamic video sequence, or a lively portrait session, our lights empower creators to maintain complete control over their lighting environment with just the touch of a button.

Benefits of Lume Cube Remote Controlled Lights:

  • Convenience & Efficiency: Adjust light intensity, color temperature, and other settings remotely, saving time and minimizing disruptions during shoots. This is especially beneficial in environments where the lights are difficult to reach or when changes need to be made quickly.
  • Enhanced Creative Control: Remote control allows for immediate adjustments, letting creators experiment with different lighting effects without leaving their post. This capability is crucial for fine-tuning lighting to capture the perfect shot as conditions change.
  • Flexibility in Setup: Whether working in a cramped space or in a large studio, the ability to control lights remotely provides greater flexibility in lighting setup and positioning, helping to achieve the best possible illumination regardless of physical constraints.
  • Multi-light Coordination: Easily manage multiple lights with a single remote, coordinating a complex lighting setup without the need to physically adjust each unit. This is ideal for larger productions where consistent lighting across various angles and areas is critical.
  • Stay Focused on the Creative Process: With remote-controlled lights, photographers and videographers can maintain their focus on composing the shot and directing the subject, ensuring that the creative vision is not compromised by technical adjustments.