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Two black Lume Cube Edge Desk Light's arched over computer monitor, pointed for video calls.Dark room with woman at desk using 2 turned on black Lume Cube Edge Desk Lights while working.
Edge Light 2-Pack for Glare Prevention
Sale price$ 239.99 Regular price$ 259.99
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Two Lume Cube Broadcast Lighting Kits with black metal adjustable stands and bicolor LED panels.Woman at desk using 2 Lume Cube Broadcast Lighting Kits to remove glare on glasses during video call.
Broadcast Lighting Kit, 2-Pack
Sale price$ 199.99 Regular price$ 239.99
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Lume Cube Hybrid Worker Kit: black Edge Light clamped to desk with laptop and attached VC-Lite for improved video call appearance.Back side of Lume Cube VC-lite attached to woman's laptop with Suction Cup Mount showing LCD screen with battery indicator and settings.
Hybrid Worker Kit
Sale price$ 149.99 Regular price$ 169.99