Oat Viayaboon Landscape Photographer for Lume Cube

Oat Vaiyaboon

Oat Vaiyaboon (@hangingpixels_photo_art) is a nature photographer who captures beauty on his camera and his drone. Oat fell in love with the way that each scene can look differently with the change of light. He strives to capture each moment as they change and show people the beauty of Australia.

rock stairs leading up to view of Milky way galaxy

What made you want to become a photographer?

I love to be outdoors and seeing the way the way light moves and changes made me want to capture those moments.

You have reviewed and tried out all of the Lume Cube gear, do you have a favorite piece?

I fell in love with the Lume Cube 2 due to the fact that the output can be adjusted to suit my type of photography - low light. The LC 2.0 low light mode is perfect!

If you weren’t a photographer? What would you be instead?

I have a Masters in Design and studied and trained as an architect. Lighting is key with buildings as well as photography. I have also been running a restaurant with my wife for the last 10 years and my love of food will keep me in the restaurant business for a while yet.

Living in Australia, there are a ton of amazing places to shoot. Do you have a favorite?

Of course! The Great Ocean Road, 12 Apostles area, which used to be just over an hours drive from Port Fairy. I have now moved just north of Sydney and will have the whole of The Blue Mountains National Park to explore.

view of canyon from rock mountain cliff hike

What is your go-to camera?

Canon EOS R is my main camera and an insta360 one X.

How do you keep your photos fresh and new?

With lighting! Everytime you light something, the shadow changes as well as the look of the scenery. Or to go out when most people choose to stay in, during storm, in the rain, etc. I do try to go out mostly at night when your perception of the surroundings change.

What is the best part of your day?

Being out in the middle of the night away from all the light pollution photographing the stars (while having LC to light my way and the scene)

Coffee or tea?

Both, either.

What’s your favorite photo you’ve taken and why?

The recent shipwreck lit by Lume Cube with Milky Way. I've always wanted to photograph a shipwreck at night but finding one in the right location was difficult.

abandoned ship washed up on rocks of ocean

What is your favorite thing about Photography?

To capture or to create something unique that people normally don't see. To meet new people with common interests.

What is your least favorite thing about Photography?

The constant competitiveness in the art form. When one try to out do each other.

What is one thing that you won’t photograph?

Close up macro, aka, bugs, spiders, insects, etc.

Any advice for a new photographer?

Be open-minded, learn from people who you admire, take constructive criticism with a good attitude and just get out there and shoot what you love.

If you could go on an adventure-photography trip anywhere in the world with one other person… where would you go and who would you take (you don’t need to know the person… celebrities are fair game)?

Scotland! Less known photography spots with loads of potential. Lots of castles to light. I would go with my wife, Mandy….she has been the creative force behind my photography. She has an eye for details that I often miss and she loves Scotland!

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