Simon and Lisa Thomas

Simon and Lisa Thomas (@2ridetheworld)are dynamic personalities with a passion for photography. The husband and wife team are recognized as a leading authorities in the motorcycling and adventure world. As self-confessed thrill seekers, Simon and Lisa are also professional photographers, writers, speakers, and motivators. They have spent years leading by example, inspiring audiences around the world to push past their comfort zones and to determine their own futures.

Brian Kowalczyk

Brian Kowalczyk (@dudewheresmycamera) is a nature photographer who has captured the beauty of almost every national park. Brian shares with him community everything from mystic mountains to arched boulders. His profile not only inspires but makes us want to get outside and explore.

Mark Jinks

Mark Jinks (@markjinksphoto) is a landscape and nature photographer that has an eye for capturing the beauty around us. He has managed to photograph wildlife, nature, and phenomena that most people never see in their lives, let alone capture on camera. Mark brings beauty to each image and allows his community to explore Canada and the rest of the world with him.

Yura Borschev

Yura Borschev (@borsch) is a professional drone photographer based in Moscow, Russia. Yura loves to experiment with new perspectives and ideas that can only be achieved and captured with the use of a drone. He has created some stunning images that allow his community to see a different view of the world.

Daniel James Alpert

Daniel James Alpert (@danieljames.photographyis a Phoenix-based photographer who captures the American Southwest through hyper-realistic landscape and astro-photography. Daniel's work depicts awe-inspiring, naturally-occurring phenomena, seldom captured on camera. 

Tracy Lee

Tracy Lee (@tracyleephotos) is a Las Vegas-based event, portrait, wedding, action sports MMA photographer. She has traveled around the world capturing people and beautiful landscapes. She is a true creator and also founded two fantastic photographer groups, @milkywaychasers, and @startrailchasers.

Matthew Goldberg

Matthew Goldberg (@mbg1211) is an award-winning video producer and wrestling stop motion creator. He also has a wrestling figure photography show, Figure 2 Photo and is the founder of Wrestling Figure News Source. Matthew has a knack for recreating historic memories for his audience in the most authentic way.

Tomasz Furmanek

Tomasz Furmanek (@tfbergen) is an adventure photographer that captures the beauty of Norway from a kayak. Tomasz strives to show his community the beauty of hard-to-access places.

D.M. Galloway

D.M. Galloway (@dgdxofficial) is a director, producer, writer, animator, and voice actor best known for his independent short films and animated videos. D.M. strives to tell a story and allow the characters to come alive through his short films and animations. 

Oat Vaiyaboon

Oat Vaiyaboon (@hangingpixels_photo_art) is a nature photographer who captures beauty on his camera and his drone. Oat fell in love with the way that each scene can look differently with the change of light. He strives to capture each moment as they change and show people the beauty of Australia.

Lester Tsai

Lester Tsai (@lestertsaiphoto) is a world-wide published and accredited photographer that does every genre of photography. His attention to detail and technique with the camera is something to be seen. Lester strives to give the viewer a closer look at an otherwise ordinary situation.

Marina Bruno

Marina Bruno (@marinabrunofilms) is a filmmaker at heart, giving her viewers an inside look at how she writes, directs, and shoots her short films. She strives to bring the film making community together through her multiple social platforms.
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