Daniel James Alpert

Daniel James Alpert

Daniel James Alpert (@danieljames.photographyis a Phoenix-based photographer who captures the American Southwest through hyper-realistic landscape and astro-photography. Daniel's work depicts awe-inspiring, naturally-occurring phenomena, seldom captured on camera. 

light painting photography drone circles

What made you want to become a photographer?

It’s difficult to put my finger on exactly why I wanted to become a photographer. I guess I got bit by the photo bug! Photography has always been a part of my life from Polaroids to disposable cameras, to my first DSLR. I always had an interest in art and creating and photography seemed like a natural fit to allow me to create and to simultaneously fill some of my other needs like adventuring and nature immersion.

How and why are you using Lume Cubes in your work?

I first acquired Lume Cubes to attach them to my drone and creatively light landscapes from the air. Lume Cubes are a natural tool for any photographer but I’ve found them particularly useful for outdoor/adventure photography due to their weight to brightness ratio and their versatility, they’re also very tough and waterproof.

If you weren’t a photographer? What would you be instead?

I’m not quite sure but I would probably be engaging in some other creative endeavor. Maybe video? The need to create is not something that can be suppressed for long.

You have captured some AMAZING landscapes, tell us about the most strenuous place that you have gone to get the shot.

Every trip comes with its struggles; lack of sleep, freeze-dried food, no bathrooms, freezing cold weather, sticky-sweaty-hot conditions.. My first trip to Havasupai was one to remember. It was filled with suffering having not brought enough food or water, developing nasty blisters, the invasion of the caterpillars in my tent at night, and at the time it was the longest hike I had done with the most miles in the shortest amount of time but it was all definitely worth it and I did it again. I try not to end my trips stuck on the negative, I try to count my blessings instead.

What is your go-to camera?

I shoot on a Nikon D850

What is your preferred editing software?

I import and start in Lightroom and move into Photoshop and finish it off and export back in Lightroom.

light painting photography drone circles light painting photography drone circles

What is the best part of your day?

Waking up? Succeeding? Catching a beautiful sunset.

What is your favorite thing about Photography?

There are so many things how could anyone choose a favorite? I love the challenge, and the aesthetics. I love the time capsule effect every photo has. I love how often a photo can reveal more about who took it than about who or what’s in it. I love how it motivates me to go see places in conditions I’d otherwise not have. I love the variety of people I meet because of it. Photography enriches life in so many ways.

Where is the coolest place that your photo has been on display?

I have photos hanging in local galleries, in a few Phoenix Hospitals and local businesses but the coolest was probably when SLIK tripods used my photo for a 16ft tall banner at the PhotoExpo in New York in 2019.

light painting photography drone circles light painting photography drone

Where is the next place that you want to shoot with Lume Cubes at and how would you use the Cubes?

I’ve got a few places in mind but you’ll have to stay tuned to find that out! I plan to use Lume Cubes to light paint from the air with my drone!

Describe your photography style in 5 words.

See good in all things.

What is one photography type/technique that you want to try next?

I want to try photographing earth from the upper atmosphere.

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