Wil Dasovich

Wil Dasovich

Wil Dasovich (@wil_dasovich) is a powerhouse of a creator and will find the positive in any situation. We watched him battle cancer, win YouTuber of the year, and continue to create captivating content. He is an amazing spirit that fully encompasses the Lume Life. 

wil vlogging on phone at night using lume cube gear

When did you know that you wanted to share your life and create videos?

When I started traveling after I graduated from college in 2013.

How and why are you using Lume Cubes in your work?

Because it is convenient and durable lighting for my travel adventures.

Who are you inspired by?

Casey Neistat

Since you travel and are creating all the time, do you have a way to decompress?

Yes, stay at home, exercise, and eat good food!

Any advice for new YouTubers and creators that would like to follow in your footsteps?

Find something you are passionate about and do it every day. Work hard!

Wil Dasovich photographer standing in snow Wil Dasovich photographer in snow with snowboard

What is the best part of your day?


Coffee or tea?


You have been all over the world, do you have a favorite place?


You have an amazing community of over 2.3M subscribers on YouTube, what was it like being recognized by the platform for the achievement and winning YouTuber of the year? Did anything change or feel different?

Winning awards and hitting subscriber benchmarks actually put a lot of pressure on me to be the best. It took me some time to get back to my usual creative process and realize the most important thing is to just enjoy what you do and continue doing it, because it is fun and its is what you are passionate about.

If you could photograph anything in the world (person, place, thing, etc), what would it be?

The Northern Lights which I have already done and almost froze to death doing it!

Where is the next place that you want to shoot with Lume Cubes at and how would you use the Cubes?

Diving underwater in WWII ships!

You have documented your life through your YouTube and social media accounts, is there anything that you won’t share with your community?

Any personal drama!

If you could go on an adventure-photography trip anywhere in the world with one other person… where would you go and who would you take (you don’t need to know the person… celebrities are fair game)?

Antarctica with Wim Hoff!

wil in cave with clear blue water beneath him wil at amusement park surrounded by colorful lights

What is one thing that you want to try in the next year that you haven’t done before?

Travel around South America

It was incredible to watch you overcome cancer, how did you find the strength to continue to document your journey while battling such a serious condition?

I wanted to provide hope and be a positive inspiration for others going through a similar hardship, and I felt it was my duty to be a good example on how to approach tough situations like the one I was going through. This gave me purpose which is what you need in that type of situation to keep fighting!

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