10 Ways to Stay Productive while WFH


Working from home might be ideal for some, and for others not so much. These tips will help keep productivity levels up, vibes high, and stress low when you aren’t working in the office. See below for 5 lifestyle tips and 5 video conferencing tips.

COVID-19 has impacted societies across the globe in many ways. Most companies are mandating WFH (aka working from home) policies. This new reality has its pros and cons, and truthfully, working remotely might not be ideal for some. Here at Lume Cube, we've implemented a WFH policy and have been learning each day how to do this effectively, both professionally and personally.

Productivity looks different for everyone. Some find themselves most efficient in the office, while others are more productive at home. If you haven't figured out this whole 'Work From Home' thing yet, you are not alone! As you settle into your home and curate the ultimate at-home workspace, here are a few WFH tips to not only stay productive and on schedule, but to remain sane while you do it. 

The Essential Lifestyle Tips

1. Set aside a designated workspace + set the mood

If possible, find a dedicated workspace within your home. Whether it's music, an oil diffuser, or extra plants, your environment will affect the way you work. Take advantage of finally being able to play your own tunes and enjoy it. Also, keep it clean! Nothing kills productivity more than sitting down at your desk next to a pile of laundry and last night's take out.

2. Get up and get ready for the day, even if your commute is only a few steps

Keep your usual routines undisrupted. Make sure those teeth are cleaned and hands are washed!

3. Schedule out your day + breaks

Google calendar. Writing it down. Sticky notes. Whatever helps you the most. Setting a clear schedule for the day can help you stay on task. Laura Vanderkam, an author of several time management and productivity books, states that "Many distractions are actually evidence that your brain needs a break." Don't forget to have an occasional snack or coffee break. Your brain needs it, whether you're in the office or at home.

4. Socialize (responsibly)

Feeling a little stir crazy without some type of social interaction? Yep. Us too. Phone a friend! Reach out to a teammate. Join a Zoom virtual work session. Play a podcast. Facetime someone during a break. Take a walk. Fortunately, technology allows us to stay connected and helps humanize the WFH experience.

5. Set daily + weekly goals

Prioritize what you would like to get done in a day or week and take actionable steps towards completing them. Nothing feels better than checking that box, tossing that sticky note, or deleting that task off your to-do list.

Video Conferencing Tips

6. Make sure lighting is on point

Who would we be to not recommend this? Appearing well lit on camera is the most important step to being a great video communicator. Lume Cube has recently dropped the price on video conferencing lighting kit from $79.95 to $69.95 to help workers smoothly transition to WFH. Click here to check out the kit.

Don't have a video conferencing lighting kit? No problem. Find any source of natural light from a window or skylight, use artificial light from a lamp, or even your smartphone flashlight can do the trick!

7. Audio

Nothing is worse than those moments of "Okay, as I was saying..." "Oh wait, what?" "You're breaking up." "Oh no, you go ahead." We recommend using headphones with a microphone to improve how you hear others and how they hear you.

8. Muting

When you're not talking during a video conference, make sure to press that "mute" button during the call. Not only does this help with the overall sound, but you can also avoid everyone hearing your dog bark, children crying, deep breathing, or coffee slurping sounds that sometimes goes on in the background.

9. Keep it business casual from the waist up

No shame to those who like to kick it in their sweatpants and sweatshirt when they are at home, but we highly recommend keeping it clean and semi-professional from the waist up for those virtual meetings. Nobody has to know about your Christmas pajamas and slippers off screen.

10. Screen sharing

This feature is useful in and out of the office. If you need to show a coworker or a client something online that needs more than just verbalization, the screen sharing tool is helpful and comes with most video chat softwares. Pro tip: make sure to turn notifications off and be conscious of what you have on your screen before you start sharing.

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