Top Travel Destinations to Ignite Your Love for the Earth

Top Travel Destinations to Ignite Your Love for the Earth

Whether you are an all-time outdoor enthusiast or just a distant admirer, these places are sure to spark a new found love or a deeper appreciation for this planet!

top ten destinations to ignite your love for the earth

In honor of Earth Day, we took some of our favorite photos from epic photographers and compiled a list of the top 10 photo destinations that are sure to ignite your love for the Earth.

We hope this inspires you to love the Earth more than you did before and be amazed at the diverse terrains photographed below. We all hope to be adventuring the globe soon, but for now we can admire it from a virtual distance. Down below we list out each place and you'll get glimpses of Switzerland, Australia, Alaska, Ireland, and more.

What are some of your favorite destinations that are not mentioned? #HappyEarthDay

1. Switzerland

tree on top of grassy hill

Photo by Florian Krause (@florian.krause)

2. Iceland

iceland glacier lagoon

Photo by Mike Mezeul II (@mikemezphoto)

3. Australia

view of ocean through cave

Photo by Oat Vaiyaboon (@hangingpixels_photo_art)

4. Alaska

alaskan glacier cave

Photo by Jeremy Martin (@live_free_run_far)

5. Oregon

grassy landscape with snow covered mountain in background

Photo by Becky Fajardo (@be_faja)

6. Norway

norwegian ocean water crashing into rocks

Photo by Mike Mezeul II (@mikemezphoto)

7. Ireland

drone image of ocean and cliffs

Photo by Gary Cummins (@garycphoto)

8. Hawaii

jungle waterfall

Photo by Cyrus Perry (@cyrusperry)

9. California

lake and dome rock boulder in yosemite national park

Photo by Jay Manning (@_jaymanning_)

10. Canada

girl taking photo of snow covered mountains

Photo by Paul Zizka (@paulzizkaphoto)

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