Lume Cube Turns Six!

Lume Cube Turns Six!

Lume Cube turns six years old! In this blog, we celebrate the life of Lume by highlighting past accomplishments, growing pains, and company milestones throughout the years.

lume cube 2.0 lights lined up with text: Lume cube turns 6!

Lume Cube experienced humble beginnings in a garage like most start ups.. But it's the story of the evolution from garage to present day that hopefully inspires and clues you in on who exactly Lume Cube is. Each year brings new growth and it is all thanks to our passionate team and even more passionate customers. Take a journey through time as we walk you through the Lume Cube timeline from the day the company was founded, to where we are today:

2014: Lume Cube launches first Kickstarter

Back in 2014, Lume Cube noticed a hole in the photo/video market: Lighting that adapted to the portability, versatility, and consumer friendliness that other content capturing devices embodied. After navigating the tricky water so developing a product form scratch, Lume Cube stepped out into the limelight on Kickstarter. Offering pre-orders to anyone who'd cough up $59 to fund the project and bring it to life.

30 days, 1,600+ backers, and $229,517 later, Lume Cube was funded and off to the races!

One year later, Lume Cube was thriving with distribution worldwide and customers in 70+ countries.

lume cube's first products

2015: Lume Cube Wins Best of CES Award

2016: Lume Cube Moves into the Drone Space

2016: Lume Cube Launches Second Kickstarter for the Lume Cube AIR

After the first successful Kickstarter, Lume Cube returns to the platform to launch the smaller version of the Lume Cube: the Lume Cube AIR, originally the Life Lite on Kickstarter. Kickstarter round 2 added 2,600+ new customers to Lume Cube's family of creators and raised $300,000+ to bring the product to life.

lume cube 2.0 light lume cube smartphone vlogging kit lume cube light suctioned on laptop for video conferencing light

2016: Lil Wayne gives Lume Cube a Shoutout

2017: Launched in Best Buy

2017: Lume Cube Takes Some of the World's Best Athletes and Creators to Switzerland for an Ultimate Night Sports Video

2018: Lume Cube Launches in Apple Stores Worldwide

lume cube light on top of tripod at beach

2019: Lume Cube Launches the Strobe, an Anti-Collision Light for Drones

lume cube strobe light attached to drone lume cube strobe light attached to drone

2019: Lume Cube Launches the Panel

lume cube panel pro attached to dslr camera

2019: Lume Cube Launches the Lume Cube 2.0

lume cube 2.0 light in water lume cube panel pro attached to dslr camera


We have and continue to operate out of sunny San Diego, California. The people and the places of our home inspire us daily.

Innovation is a part of our foundation. This is evident when looking at the evolution of our products and how we continually look to improve our products through the feedback of our customers.

man standing in snow under the northern lights person ice fishing on frozen lake lit by lume cube two red and blue drone light painting circles above smokey mountain

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