Q&A with Lume Cube CEO: The Edge Light

Q&A with Lume Cube CEO: The Edge Light

The desk light specifically designed to maximize your productivity, enhance your mood and stream with less eye strain. 

man using edge desk light writing notes

What was the inspiration behind the Edge?

The Edge is one of my favorite products to date, and the one I personally use most in my daily life (pretty much all day, every day actually). As many are aware, Lume Cube has been the leader in video conference lighting designed specifically for video calls. We knew that the stay-at-home orders wouldn’t last forever, and that eventually everyone would slowly go back to their desk (or at least invest in a long-term home office setup), so we began designing a light that could live in both environments, your home or your office. We also saw major value in a light on your workspace that could be used in more ways than just broadcast illumination, so we began exploring desk/task lights and how we could provide additional value with a new product.

Additionally, as is Lume Cube tradition, we listened closely to our customers. There were three or four major wishes or improvements that we heard from them regarding our other video conference lights. They were primarily around battery life, brightness/eye strain, mounting options, and how they can use the product. We’re happy to say that in the Edge, we solved every one of them, and even added a few new innovative things.

Lume Cube edge color and brightness adjustablility details

Who is the Edge made for?

Our single goal at Lume Cube is to create products that help our users be better at their chosen craft. Whether it’s creating content behind a camera, or creating the next great business idea behind a desk, we aim to brighten those experiences and increase their effectiveness. The Edge focuses on the 2nd group, those behind a desk everyday putting their skills to use at their chosen craft. This product aims to improve the daily life for anyone who spends a lot of time at their desk and behind a computer (regardless of whether you’re on video calls). For those of us who are still jumping on video calls everyday, this is the perfect product to seamlessly integrate with your workspace, while providing the softest and most flattering light in the industry. This particular product was the first in our line to use Edge Lit LED technology, which provides a much softer experience for the user, as well as the first in our line to incorporate wired A/C power which gives the user an endless run time for those long video calls or days behind your desk.

If you’re not on video calls daily, there is still a massive value to having the Edge on your desk. Studies show that properly illuminating your work space and desk environment can lead to 10-50% increase in productivity, as well as a 30%-60% decrease in eye strain and screen related headaches. The Edge was designed to be your go-to Desk Light for all things you do while behind the computer.

Lume Cube Edge Product Breakdown

What are your favorite features of the Edge and why?

  1. The Maneuverability

    This product is unlike any other. It’s design was inspired by those Podcast microphones that can move anywhere on a desk, but we designed it for lighting. This allows you, without moving the base, to put the light anywhere on your desk for work purposes, or combat any shadow for video call lighting (up/down/left/right, it’s as easy as that!).

  2. Edge Technology

    This is the first light where we incorporated Edge-Lit Technology, and it’s a game changer. This light is so soft, so flattering, and so easy-on-the-eyes, it eliminates any harsh component of lighting to create the best experience.

  3. Soft Touch Controls

    I don’t even have to look or press to turn the light on. Every morning I walk up to my desk, sit down, and simply glide my finger across the power button softly, and BOOM, my day has started.

  4. Minimal Desktop Landscape and Design

    This light takes up about 2 inches of space on my desk (instead of the previously 6-8 inch base on other tripod lights or desk lamps). It’s so sleek and so clean on my desk, it fits right in with my Apple, LG, and Logitech products.

Lume Cube Edge 5 pivot points for ultimate lighting flexibility

Are there multiple ways to mount the Edge?

The Edge is a desk mounting light, which means it has to be clamped to a desk. The clamp mount is adjustable so can fit nearly any size desk as long as it has an edge to it. This is key due to the maneuverability of the light, the base has to be fixed to your desk to allow for maximum maneuverability.

Lume Cube Edge Launch desk clamp to stay in place

Any tips and tricks for the Edge you would like to share?

Don’t be afraid to be aggressive with moving it around! The light is designed to be mobile around your desk and orbit anywhere you need it to go. Use that feature and be mobile with it!

Learn the “finger glide” technique when turning it on. They are really not buttons, but controls, and you can engage them with the softest glide of your finger. It’s a sleek and fun way to turn on the light without even looking at it.

Tell us about Edge Technology that you’ve incorporated into your light

Edge Lit Technology is something that will change the way you look at desktop lighting. It allows us to keep the head of the light (where all the LED technology is) as thin as an iPhone, and actually improve the softness of the glow. Think of the difference between old-school bulky TV’s back in the early 2000’s, and the new LED Display thin TV’s. That’s the difference between LED diode technology, and Edge-Lit technology. You get better output in a sleeker design. The softness of the light makes all the difference to properly illuminate myself and my desk, yet after 8-10 hours of use, there’s still no eye strain. It’s truly a magical experience.

Lume Cube Edge Light on a workspace set up

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