Meet Trevor, Director of Content at Lume Cube

Meet Trevor, Director of Content at Lume Cube

You may recognize this familiar face from our Youtube channel. It's time for us to formally introduce you to Trevor!

You may recognize this familiar face from our Youtube channel. It's time for us to formally introduce you to the man behind all of the Lume Cube content, Trevor Farrow! Trevor has had a pretty wild ride at Lume Cube and we caught up with him to ask him about his journey so far.

Meet Trevor. Lume cube on camera

Let’s start from the very beginning. What was your college major and why did you choose it?

Business Marketing Major! I loved the idea of consumer behavior and what makes people purchase products and services. I also felt very young in college and wasn’t prepared to lock myself into a narrow career like being a doctor, dentist, or physical therapist (although we need all those people!). Every business needs marketers and I liked how nimble and flexible the marketing career path could be.

Wow that is a bit different than what you currently do! How did you get to the position you are in today?

Well, thanks to Lume Cube I discovered my love for photography and videography. Up until working here, my only experience with photography was taking smartphone pictures of people in college LOL.

Through my 5 years working at Lume Cube, I developed a deep understanding for lighting and camera knowledge before even picking up a camera, so when I did start shooting it came naturally to me and I fell in love with it.

Content Marketing really marries my two passions, marketing and content creation.

What are your top 3 favorite things about working for Lume Cube?

The team. Everyone here is not only talented at what they do, but they are all rad people who are a joy to be around. #dreamteam

Our industry. Lume Cube dabbles in a few different markets (photo/video, video conferencing, social content, etc.) but my favorite is (obviously) the photo/video market. Through my passion for photography and videography, I truly am a core customer of Lume Cube’s products which makes it easier for me to come up with ideas that appeal to our community. This has allowed me to fully dive into the wonderful world of photographers and videographers both at work and in my free time.

Being on the right side of the trends. With social media, everyone is a content creator these days and great content is being appreciated by a larger audience. Lighting is such an important part of capturing great content and I feel like the world will only become more educated on lighting and have a bigger need for products like Lume Cube. This applies to everything from lighting up your video calls to lighting up your smartphone content.

Trevor using panel

Can you name an all time favorite Lume Cube product?

Ooooo, tough question.
Favorite Light - Panel Pro 2.0. I love it even more now that the accessories have launched!
Favorite Accessory - the Back Pack Clip!!

If you had one piece of advice for anyone wanting to become a content creator for a brand, what would it be?

Shoot, shoot, shoot. Step number 1 is to get good at your craft. Whether you specialize in food photography, architecture, or tech products, no brand will want to work with you if your stuff isn’t good... Practice makes perfect. Don’t be afraid to fail, just keep shooting.

Bonus advice! Create for your dream brands for free. Great content can be addictive to a brand… once they see their product/service as the star of a show in a sick photo/video, they’ll for sure want to keep your content coming. Show them what you’re working with!

What is your favorite photo you have ever taken with a Lume Cube?

I knew this was coming… hardest question ever!
One photo that comes to mind is a night photo I captured in Lake Powell. I was taking photos of the stars and our houseboat in the cove. I took a few exposures and realized I had a chance to make it pop with a Cube or two. I tied two Lume Cubes to a fishing line and dropped them into the water off the back of the boat. Although it is subtle, I think it adds a nice pop to the foreground of the image.

Lake powel lit by lume

Runner up would have to be this image taken in Cardiff, CA of my favorite lifeguard tower using two Panel Pros.

Trevor lit by lume

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