Behind The Light: Aurora Adeleigh & The Perfect Wedding Setup

Behind The Light: Aurora Adeleigh & The Perfect Wedding Setup

A dynamic wedding photographer and videographer duo that turned their passion into a thriving wedding photography business. Learn what to use and what they recommend.

Meet Justin and Kayle Cook, the dynamic husband and wife duo behind Aurora Adeleigh. For the past nine years, they’ve been capturing love stories and shooting weddings around the world, turning their passion for storytelling into a thriving wedding photography business.

From Screenplays to Weddings

Their journey began with a dream to make movies. Kayle wrote screenplays while she worked in production in Los Angeles. A friend's request to shoot their wedding changed everything, leading them to discover a new avenue for their storytelling talents. Wedding photography and videography became their creative playground, allowing them to weave narratives through their own lens.

A Perfect Partnership

Working as a team has always been their strength. Though they may argue like cats and dogs at times, it's all part of their effective communication. They balance each other's strengths, making the process enjoyable and rewarding. Their entry into the wedding business felt almost serendipitous. While their skills took time to develop, their passion made the journey worthwhile. When you love what you do, everything falls into place.

The Importance of Light

Each wedding they shoot is a production, and lighting plays a crucial role. Perfect lighting is essential for capturing the right mood and highlighting the beauty of their subjects. This is where Lume Cube comes in, especially in tricky lighting situations like dark receptions. Lume Cube's continuous lights help them illuminate their subjects beautifully without being intrusive. Selecting gear that suits your style and learning to use it effectively is vital in the photo industry. Lume Cube's versatile lighting solutions keeps them excited about their work, allowing them to adapt to various lighting conditions creatively.

Perfect Wedding Lighting

Every wedding is unique, and so are its lighting needs. Lume Cube's adjustable lights enable them to create the perfect setup, whether it's a beautifully backlit scene or a dramatic side light. They rely on Lume Cube for consistent, high-quality lighting. Lume Cube's continuous lights are their go-to for capturing every critical moment. They're reliable and non-intrusive, providing soft, even lighting that enhances the subjects without overwhelming them. The ability to adjust color and intensity adds to their creative flexibility. The Lume Cube Panel Pro 2.0 is another favorite. It's perfect for dark settings or shooting fireworks while keeping the couple well-lit. Its compact design makes it easy to attach to their camera and use on the go.

Join Their Journey

Follow their journey and see their wedding photography work at Aurora Adeleigh.

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