How to Virtually Celebrate Thanksgiving

How to Virtually Celebrate Thanksgiving

If Thanksgiving this year has become a virtual experience for you and your family, we hope that you can still be in the holiday spirit and experience togetherness. It might be hard to navigate, but we hope these tips will help you and your loved ones stay connected this Thanksgiving.

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2020 has been a hard year to navigate for all of us. Most of society has turned to virtual experiences to stay connected during a time when we need to be distant for our safety. We have seen many unique ways to create a sense of normalcy through going virtual for many events. Thanksgiving is usually a time to all come together and share a meal. That is not a reality for most this year. We wanted to highlight some ways to stay connected for this holiday through some tips and tricks.

Designate a host

For any type of virtual even to run smoothly, it's always beneficial to have someone leading. Have one family member take charge in steering the conversation and make sure it's not a messy or quiet experience.

Create a Zoom meeting link

This is definitely super helpful to have done a couple days before the event. Send out an email to all of your participating members that includes the Zoom meeting link and make sure that everyone has everything set up properly. If Aunt Debby can't find the mute button, send her this Zoom 101 link that goes over all the crucial and very helpful details.

It is also important to remember with family and friends in different time zones, to set up the Zoom meeting time that is convenient for everyone!

Lighten up the environment

Who would we be as a lighting company to not recommend this? We have helpful kits for video conferencing to ensure your grandma and other loved ones can see your beautiful smile. Not only that, but due to time zone differences and unique home environments, not everyone may have access to natural light or well lit rooms. Check out our Broadcast Lighting Kit that might be a great way to help illuminate you for all your friends and family to see.

Pro Tip: We also have a light stand available that is perfect for those who don't have enough space on their desk or table to set up a light. You can find it here.

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Keep it short

No one wants things to drag on. Set a start and end time in advance!

Dress up and decorate

Even if you don't have a handful of guests coming over, there's no reason to not decorate. Adding some Thanksgiving decor can help you get into the spirit of the holiday! Just like it's important to get dressed for the day when working remotely, the same applies to getting dressed up for a virtual event.

Pro tip: another way to help everyone get into the holiday spirit is to mail your guests some items in advance like a dessert, cocktail kit, flowers, or maybe their own Lume Cube lighting kit!

Make a plan ahead of time

It never hurts to have an agenda for a virtual event.

  • Recipe swap. Swap recipes beforehand and then have your meal prepared before the Zoom call, so you don't have to leave and can be present.
  • Optional: Cook together. If some of your family members look forward to cooking together and are going to miss that aspect of the holiday, set up a separate Zoom call event to cook with those who want to.
  • Toast with a signature cocktail (or apple cider). Make time for a toast! This year has been unpredictable for most, so making time to go through our gratitudes and thoughts can be essential in making it a more connected holiday.
  • Organize a scavenger hunt or a game. Here is a link to some fun virtual games to play over Zoom here.
  • Watch the parade. Let's all have a moment of gratitude for the Macy's Day Parade not being cancelled. The 94th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will air nationwide on NBC-TV, Thursday, November 26, 2020 from 9:00 a.m. to Noon, in all time zones.
  • Family photo. Say cheese! Capture the memory of the strangest Thanksgiving you'll probably ever have by taking a screenshot of your device screen.

We hope that these tips helped some of you plan for this years Thanksgiving and be sure to pass them along to other close friends and family that will be doing things virtually this year. We wish all of our US families and friends a happy Thanksgiving!

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