The Original Panel Pro a Discussion with CEO & Co-Founder Riley Stricklin

The Original Panel Pro a Discussion with CEO & Co-Founder Riley Stricklin

One of our most requested lights is finally here. The Panel Pro is an RGB light with limitless color for the photographer and videographer. It's smart, slim, and portable. Keep reading to hear more about the inspiration behind this new, exciting product.

panel pro attached to the top of a dslr camera

What was the inspiration behind creating the Panel Pro?

As always, our goal at Lume Cube is to continually offer creators the best lighting tools on the market, and we knew RGB (limitless color) was the next feature we wanted to give our customers. We proceeded to test every RGB light in the market, and saw a clear hole that needed to be filled. As a result, we spent the last 14 months designing the slimmest, sleekest, easiest to use RGB light that offers the largest LCD screen on the market.

Who is the Panel Pro made for?

We created the Panel Pro for Photographers, Videographers, and streamers who want to experiment with limitless color in their content. It’s the size of an iPhone so fits seamlessly in your pocket or camera bag, and provides 360 different color options (every creative color as well as traditional warm to cool lighting).

This light is jam packed with different light settings, but still extremely portable due to its size. What was the intention behind this?

The days of Photographers and Videographers living in a studio are far behind us. These creators are extremely mobile and shooting in all environments all over the world, so we needed to design this product to travel well. It’s as thin as an iPhone, and just about the same size, so can fit easily in a bag or pocket while shooting on-the-go.

What has been your favorite use for the Panel Pro and why?

When you give a creator 360 colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless. I’ve really enjoyed watching our content team experiment with colors and create some MIND-BLOWING product content. Color interacts with shadows, smoke, reflections, etc in some crazy ways and it just makes for some mind bending content. Every creator should have one of these to push the limits of what they can do.

back of panel pro three panel pros panel pro on top of camera surrounded by smoke

Why would someone buy the Panel Pro over our other panels?

Of course the color feature is unique to this product. Being that it’s our largest and most powerful product yet, it’s our longest lasting battery and also does everything the other panels do (i.e. adjustable light from warm to cool color temperatures), so if color, battery life, and high output are valued, then the Panel Pro is for you!

If I buy the Panel Pro, what's included in the box?

We included a few accessories that we believe are essentials to this customer. You’ll receive a slid-on diffuser to soften the light, an upgraded mini DSLR mount for slim mounting on your camera, a velvet travel pouch to keep it safe and protected when not in use, and of course the USB-C charging cable.

Why did Lume Cube end up updating the Lume Cube App? What would you say are the best features?

We wanted to provide a full creative dashboard for our customers to select any color, save their favorite settings, and quickly adjust their light from a distance. My favorite feature is the Color Wheel (select any color under the sun), and the ability to save your favorite settings and create “lighting presets”. This allows you to save a color when you light it, and later immediately come back to those favorite colors to capture that perfect shot with limited effort.

man taking photo at night of lifeguard tower at beach using panel pro

"Every creator should have one of these to push the limits of what they can do." - Riley Stricklin, Co-Founder and President of Lume Cube

If you were a content creator, where is the first place that you would take the Panel Pro?

For me it would be the studio with a smoke machine. Colored light + smoke is just the coolest combo to create insane photographs, so that’d be my first stop.

Will there be more accessories coming for the Panel Pro (i.e. Barn doors, etc.)

All I have to say is... stay tuned.

Describe the Panel Pro in 5 words.

What my brain says: Bluetooth, Portable, BRIGHT, Limitless Color

What my heart says: Best product we’ve ever made!!

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